Lake Titicaca Tours – What Should I Expect?

Lake Titicaca ToursTravel to Peru is an exciting adventure, and there are many tours and excursions available that will let you see the local sights and natural beauty of the area. Some of the most popular attractions are the Lake Titicaca tours, because these islands are incredibly awe inspiring and a place of rich history and cultural heritage. What can you expect on these tours though? That depends on which part of the area you will be exploring. Isla del Sol Lake Titicaca is situated in the south lake area, an it is a popular tour destination. There is also Taquile Island Lake Titicaca to visit, and the clear waters and serene coast of the lake make this area a great vacation spot for tourists from around the world.

Lake Titicaca tours can include beaches which have white sand, and waters which are deeply colored and warm enough to be inviting almost all year long. You can visit historical spots along the Floating Islands Lake Titicaca where the remains of Incan statues and structures can still be seen and explored. Locals who live on the floating islands in the lake still fish and weave a they have done for centuries, and they consider themselves the people of the lake. Lake Titicaca tours will allow you to see and possibly meet some of these people, and the way that they still live today.

You can customize any Lake Titicaca tours, to include other local attractions and places of interest. Combine a tour of the floating islands with Machu Picchu vacation package, so you get a chance to see much of what Peru has to offer visitors. When you arrive for your tour, you will normally travel in a boat with a glass bottom around the lake, exploring the different areas, wildlife, and landscapes. Lake Titicaca tours combine the best of history, culture, and nature, so there is something on these tours that everyone will enjoy.