Liverpool Beatles Tour From London Review

Liverpool Beatle TourIf you are a Beatles fan, you must check out the Liverpool Beatles tour during your England vacation. Liverpool was home to and a place of great inspiration for the fab four, and is full of locations made famous by the Beatles’ songs. Of all the things to do in Liverpool, perhaps one of the most highly revered is the Liverpool Beatles tour, and for good reason. Not only does the tour cater to Beatles fans, but it also runs the gamut of popular places to visit in Liverpool and is a great time for the entire family. Here is a quick review of the sights you will see on during your Liverpool Beatles tour:

1. Penney Lane. A busy shopping area and a junction of roads where a bus to the city center can be found.

2. Strawberry Fields. The childhood homes of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison. Find out why this former children’s home left such a lasting impression on Lennon.

3. The Cavern Club. A basement club with an arched brick ceiling that was a very popular music venue when the Beatles were coming up in the sixties.

4. St. Peter’s Church Hall. The place where it all began.

5. Mathew Street. A famous city-center street that is almost, within itself, a Beatles museum.

  6. The Liverpool Institute. Where McCartney and Harrison attended high school.

7. The Yellow Submarine. An enormous monument to the Beatles’ movie of the same name, the kids will especially enjoy this one.

8. Beatles Museum Liverpool. Home to everything Beatles, this museum guides its visitors through the story of the Beatles: how they came to be and how they rocketed to worldwide fame, and recreates the life, times, and culture of that magical era when the Beatles came to be.

There is so much more to ground covered on the Liverpool Beatles tour than can be listed here. It is definitely worth it to rent one of many cheap Liverpool hotels and take some time to experience this tribute to such a significant part of our musical history.