London Dungeon – Is This Attraction Worth The Money Paid?

London DungeonIs the London Dungeon attraction worth the money paid? Well that’s a very good question and we suppose it depends on what you’re into? If you like getting the bejesus scared out of you and Halloween is your favorite holiday—then yes this is well worth the money. Also if you are mildly to obsessively interested in London’s gory timeline, make yourself a guest. But be warned that this London site might not be for the weak at heart or too sensitive individuals, enter if you dare!

London Dungeon is briefly discussed in our other article on cool things to do in London with teenagers, but is also geared for adults. Briefly, it showcases a series of interactive displays, live acts and theatrical performances staged in the dim surroundings of the dungeon. On the hour and half tour 1,000 years of history is briefly covered, you’ll have access to 14 shows, live actors and special effects. The tour attractions depict several terrifying and horrific events and crimes that took place in London’s past.

If you’re not too afraid of these things to do in London, try some of these creepy ride attractions run by Merlin Entertainment: Drop Ride to Doom, Vengeance 5D Laser Ride, and the Boat Ride to Hell. These evil villains are also featured at the London Dungeon: Bloody Mary and elusive Jack the Ripper.

This attraction has gathered very mixed guest reviews – some loved it and some absolutely hated it due to its cheesy displays, high prices and cheap presentation. Most certainly, it’s geared for teenage crowds interested in the gory parts of the London history or otherwise haunted house experiences.

The ticket price includes all the attractions for 24 GBP for adults and 18.60 GBP for children under 15 years old. In U.S. currency this equates to around $32 for adults and $25 for children. Special pricing is available for web orders, school trips, birthday parties, stag and hen parties and corporate events. The website also offers other passes to more London attractions at a discounted rate. Packages can be combined if you want to visit both the Tower of London and the Dungeon for example.

To answer the question, with all the special effects and interactive shows at the London Dungeon, it is definitely worth the money spent if you have the dark side in you. However, if you would rather spend your money on something more enlightening, it’s worth checking out our other articles on the website.