Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives Travel GuideThe islands that make up Maldives are surrounded by coral reefs that are teeming with thousands of fish and other marine life. Because of this it makes for a great vacation destination if you are a scuba diver or avid snorkeler. As a double chain of 26 atolls, Maldives sit over 90,000 of the Indian Ocean earning the title as one of the most geographically dispersed countries in the world and it is also the world’s lowest country being only 1.5 meters above sea level (in fact, with every year country is going more under water). Located to the west of Indonesia and southwest of India, this country is a part of Asia and has strong roots in Buddhist history and culture.

A Maldives vacation usually starts in the main island of Male Atoll where Maldives tourism is alive and strong thanks to the azure waters, soft white sand beaches and multitudes of dive sites. Maldive Victory on North Male Atoll is a chance to scuba amid the wreck of a freighter that went down in the 1980’s. Visitors can swim into the hold and the wheelhouse, swim through the stern and the bridge and really explore the ship and its growth of soft corals, not to mention the many fish that will join you during the dive.

Banana Reef offers those traveling to Maldives a lovely reef with lots of fish, turtles, rays and sharks that is accessible by boat or seaplane. Manta Point is another place to dive where manta rays congregate several times a day to feed, allowing vacationers the chance to interact with them as they swim gracefully by.

Maldives VacationPeople contemplating a Maldives vacation go for the peace and quiet that the country affords, along with its unending beaches and coastline. For those travelers to Maldives that can’t scuba dive or don’t want to scuba dive, there is a solution that still allows you to see under the waves. The Whale Submarine is an attraction where you don’t have to get wet in order to witness the many different marine life species that live in the coral reefs.

Mulee Aage is the President’s residence and interesting place to see for those wanting a little change of pace and to be on land for a few hours. Hukuru Miskiiy is also something interesting to see on land as it is a mosque made entirely of coral tile (except for the roof, of course!) This small and quiet oasis in the city is centuries old and features a quaint cemetery with numerous old tombstones as well as carvings and history to behold within its walls.

The Male Fish Market allows tourists to Maldives a chance to see how the locals do their fish dealings as fishing is the number one occupation of those living within the islands. There are fish auctions and fish weigh-ins as the fishermen compare prices and sell their stock.

For those tourists to Maldives interested in the history of the islands, check out the National Museum which is located within Sultan Park. Here you can learn the culture and see artifacts from the islands including boats, weapons, furniture, documents and holy texts.

Because the Maldives are island atolls, and are so spread out, seeing all of them on one trip is virtually impossible, but you can certainly see more than one and discover new and exciting diving spots around the country when you take a Maldives vacation within a vacation on the Sea Explorer cruise. Visitors can take 2 weeks exploring the north and the south portions of the islands stopping to dive and snorkel and to play at various beaches throughout.

Sun Island Beach on the Ari Atoll allows those traveling to Maldives a chance to relax in the paradise that is at hand, with white sand so soft and water like bathwater, visitors can choose to sit under an umbrella with a cold drink or have a massage in the attached private gardens.

Maldives Underwater RestaurantWhat Maldives vacation would be complete without an underwater restaurant? Well, luckily, the world’s first such place is located within the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel. The small restaurant (with space for only 12 people to dine at a time) is completely covered in Plexiglas allowing for the marine life to swim around and on top of it as it is 15m under the surface. The restaurant is reached by a spiral staircase and allows those traveling to Maldives a stunning experience for lunch and dinner with the reef and fish just beyond the ‘walls’ and ‘ceiling’. To celebrate the restaurant’s 5th Anniversary, they converted the restaurant into a suite and allowed tourists the chance to stay in it for the night. This is still available to those who call the hotel and personally request it in what would be a night to remember amid the underwater life.

Tourism in Maldives is driven by its lovely beaches and spectacular dive sites. Check out this stunning island country today, you’ll be glad you did.