Mammoth Cave National Park Hiking – 5 Best Trails!

Mammoth Cave National Park HikingWhile on vacation in Southern Kentucky, one of the most beautiful places to visit is Mammoth Cave National Park where there is an abundance of Mammoth Cave National Park hiking trails to enjoy. Visitors will be amazed at the beauty of the underground caves and rivers as well as the abundance of wildlife throughout the park. There are many wonderful places Mammoth Cave National Park lodging accommodations in as well as nearby the park including Rock Cabin Campground and the Cottages at Briar Creek. Also, whether you are a seasoned hiker or a novice there are plenty of trails to enjoy. Here we have compiled a list of the five best Mammoth Cave National Park hiking trails.

1. Blair Spring Trail – This trail begins at Collie Ridge Trail and Raymer Hollow. This is a great trail for the novice as it is only about 1.6 miles long.

2. Collie Ridge Trail – This beautiful and scenic trail begins at Lincoln Trailhead and is a slight challenge at 4.61 miles long.

3. McCoy Hollow Trail – This is one of the longer Mammoth Cave National Park hiking trail as it is 6.78 miles long and begins at Temple Hill Trailhead. Visitors will marvel at the magnificent beauty along this trail.

4. Sal Hollow Trail – This trail is about 8.08 miles long, so you may want to pack plenty of water and snacks or even a picnic lunch. Beginning at Maple Springs Trailhead, there is plenty of picturesque beauty to enjoy.

5. Echo River Trail – This is a nice little trail at about 2.2 miles long and begins at Sunset Point. Hikers will be able to enjoy the beauty of Echo River while strolling along this trail.

These are just some of the best of the Mammoth Cave National Park hiking trails to choose from. If you are enjoying all that Mammoth Cave National Park camping has to offer, you will not want to pass up these trails where you may enjoy the beauty and wonder of the park.