Marsa Alam Diving vs. Sharm El Sheikh Diving

Marsa Alam DivingMarsa Alam diving vs. Sharm El Sheikh diving shows that both locations offer pros and cons, but which is a better choice in your specific situation and diving preferences? That depends on what you want to see, and which of the other many attractions you may want to visit in addition to your Egypt diving holidays. Both areas have many resorts and hotels available for your stay, as well as restaurants and other eateries. There are a number of divers who prefer locations in Marsa Alam, while others would rather spend their time at Sharm El Sheikh, and either one makes an excellent diving vacation trip.

Marsa Alam diving will allow you to take advantage of the Samadai Dolphin House, where Spinner Dolphins and underwater caves make a fascinating dive experience for anyone. The Dolphin House is one of the most popular scuba diving locations in Egypt because of the beauty and marine wildlife diversity, but that is not the only location for Marsa Alam diving. There is also the Marsa Shoona area, with a sheltered reef and then two additional reefs that are open to the currents in the area. Corals are numerous, and so are the tropical fish you will see while diving.

Marsa Alam diving also offers the Abu Dabab Reef, with seven reefs which are external and then two that are internal. This area is ideal for divers of all skill and experience levels, because of the wide variety of diving conditions you will find. Many visitors to Egypt prefer diving in Dahab because of the beautiful waters and colorful populations. Most of the diving areas in Egypt are excellent, whether you are at Sharm El Sheikh or you have booked a Marsa Alam diving experience instead. Both locations have a lot to offer, and the only difference is which one you prefer more. Both places have pros and cons, but the cons are minimal in either destination and the pros are numerous.