Masai Mara Safari – 7 Important Things To Remember!

Masai Mara SafariMasai Mara safari adventures are extremely exciting, especially for the inexperienced. The abundant wildlife combined with the natural beauty of the wilderness is awe inspiring.

Kenya safari tours specialize in bringing you to the true roots of Africa and this is why they focus on specific areas in the bush.

1. The best time to visit – You can see animals all year, but the wildebeest migration is only available three times per year. Also, large cats, like lions and tigers are less active during the day.

2. What to bring – A pair of binoculars are always recommended as well as cameras so you can record your Masai Mara safari. The best type of gear consists of wide, long and short-range lenses.

3. The length of the safari – Your safari length is predetermined and will not end if you become uncomfortable. First timers would do better with shorter excursions between three and five days.

4. Dangers involved – Masai Mara safari dangers are minimal because of the experienced staff and park rules. As long as you are mindful of the guidelines, you should be fine.

5. What to expect from the animals – The Masai Mara National Reserve does not utilize boundaries to keep the animals contained. They are able to move about quite freely. For these reasons, you may encounter a few animals on your hiking trails or while wading through shallow waters. Again, follow the guidelines and remain calm and quiet.

6. What to wear – Light colors, heavy-duty shoes or boots. Kenya is a very warm climate that ranges anywhere from 77 to 86 degrees. But, at night, the temperature can drop to 50 degrees or lower. You should definitely bring a heavy sweater or sweatshirt for the chilly nights.

7. Listen to your guide – Masai Mara safari packages all come with experienced guides who are well-trained and fully aware of the park rules and regulations. They also know how to react quickly in the event of an emergency.

These 7 important things to remember about the Masai Mara safari tours can help increase your fun and decrease the odds of you having a negative experience.

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