Mediterranean Cruise Lines Recommended By Cruise Experts

Mediterranean Cruise LinesThe Mediterranean cruise lines that are most recommended by cruise experts gained their high rating for a few reasons. Contrary to what you might think, price did not really play a major role.

This is because most Mediterranean cruise lines are very comparably priced. Nope, they gave these cruise lines high marks for other, more important reasons; namely, number of ports of call, availability of departure points, service, food and accommodations.

The best Mediterranean cruises recommended by cruise experts can be found below:

  • Costa Cruise Lines – Known all around the world as one of the best Mediterranean cruise lines because of the various ports of call. This cruise line travels as far as Turkey and Greece and always includes points of interest that will entertain a vast demographic. You can relax in the luxurious spa and receive a mani/pedi or lounge in your personal suite with a private balcony.
  • Disney Cruise Line – Of course, a Disney Mediterranean cruise stands up to the name and is everything you would expect. The staff overwhelms you with hospitality and the food is sublime. Aside from the obvious, Disney-themed rooms and entertainment, you will definitely enjoy the top amenities. This includes two kid-friendly swimming pools that are supervised by lifeguards specializing in young children; the extra attention will put you at ease. They also have live shows of Broadway caliber, so while the kiddies are doing their thing, the adults can do theirs.
  • Royal Caribbean International – A Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise is nothing short of spectacular. They provide five-star dining experiences from world-renowned executive chefs; they provide you with personal concierge service and spend their days trying to make your experience better. This cruise line actually works best for couples and singles, but all are always welcome. They are a bit more lavish than other Mediterranean cruise lines, but they are not pretentious in any way.
  • Celebrity Cruises – Celebrity cruises are fun, fun, fun. They offer casinos, bars and lounges, restaurants and even wine tasting experiences. Everything centers around the guests on board.
  • Princess Cruises – Princess cruise deals are very versatile and fit a large number of consumers. They cater to people of all ages, couples, newlyweds, seniors and families. Regardless of your budget, you will always find something you can afford. This is especially important to remember since they have excellent customer service and departure points in all parts of the world. One of the main reasons they are so famous is because of the television series, The Love Boat, which depicted the Princess Cruise Line each week.