Metropolitan Museum of Art – Top 10 Things To See!

Metropolitan Museum of ArtMetropolitan Museum of Art located in the Central Park area in downtown New York greets over 5 millions people every year. With such variety of valuable historical and cultural artifacts and masterpieces it seems virtually impossible to pin point 10 must see things, however, certain pieces have certainly caught attention of leading historians and art connoisseurs. Please refer to the guide below to learn which attractions to pay special attention to when you visit one of the most significant of New York museums.

1. The Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art proudly greets you on the first floor. Created by Richard Morris Hunt, the architecture presented in the Great Hall is worth noting due to its soaring arches and magnificent details preparing the visitors to see masterpieces that date as far as 5 thousands of years ago.

2. Mastaba Tomb of Perneb welcomes you as you get closer to the Egyptian Art area. The tomb is believed to be 4,500 years of age. You can also see some Egyptian artifacts decorating the tomb along with wall art so common in Egyptian Art.

3. The Charles Engelhard Court is a must see area in the Metropolitan Museum of Art due to its significant collection of American sculptures and architectural creations.

4. Medieval Hall which used to serve as the main gallery of the whole museum that has since greatly expanded gathered magnificent works of art such as tapestries, sculptures, décor and artifacts.

5. Marble head of Marcus Aurelius Antonius is one of the most spectacular things to be seen in the Roman section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that usually draws crowds. His determined and stern expression and frowned forehead look so real and remain the finest examples of the Roman Art.

6. The Musicians Oil Painting by Caravaggio is a breathtaking display of young musicians with painstaking details that bring a sense of reality to any viewer of this work of art. The central figure is speculated to be the painter’s lover judging by a romantic portrayal of details and face of the young man.

7. Sphinx of Hatshepsut is one of the most well known pieces at the Metropolitan Museum that you will find in the Egyptian Art area was uncovered literally in pieces underground and was later restored to be displayed at the museum.

8. Condesa de Altamira with Daughter painting by Goya is the one of the most brilliant examples of European artistry showcased in the shimmery and almost airy portrayal of the skirts of the Condesa that definitely helped Goya become the main painter with the Spanish Court.

9. Grand Salon from the Hotel de Tesse completed at the end of the 18th century presents the best of French Art of the era completed with wall paintings, fine architectural and interior décor details along with ornate furniture and impressive fireplace.

10. Pre-Columbian Gold Exhibition could be found in the Gallery # 358 is a great collection of Peru’s and Mexico’s old jewelry, crowns and décor items.

Step away from the museum and continue your journey of exploration of other nearby New York City attractions including the Central Park Zoo and surrounding Manhattan Area. Use our articles as a guide on how to enjoy cheap things to do in NYC that provide plenty of tips and suggestions.