Molokai Tours Review: From Maui and Oahu

Molokai ToursMolokai tours are very different from many of the other types of tours offered in Hawaii. There are beautiful landscapes and of course the areas where the ocean seems almost azure blue, but it is very isolated and demure.

This island is one of the places to visit in Hawaii that you will need to research in advance in order to understand the real treasures that exist here. You can also speak to some of the locals and get their advice on what to do and what to see. After that, you’ll need to get there.

Molokai tours from Maui are often completed by using the ferry. It is the easiest way to reach Molokai when you are staying on the island of Maui. People love to visit Molokai because it is so laid back and there aren’t as many tourists. It’s a place where you feel very nostalgic and can experience the feeling of being in a small town.

Typically, the Molokai Ferry is the most convenient way to travel because flights are not guaranteed and they are limited. They are also somewhat pricey. Instead, use the ferry and enjoy a full day of fun at this land that time forgot.

Also, the ferry can accommodate as many as 149 passengers and your vehicle. So, if you have a package that includes a Molokai car rental, you can ride over and within about 90 minutes, you will arrive at your destination.

Molokai tours from Oahu usually do require an airplane ride. But, these are generally frequent and much less expensive. You can arrange to schedule a short flight of 30 minutes where you will arrive at Kalaupapa Airport. A bus will meet you and take you to see the sights.

Ironically, the mode of transportation you choose for your Molokai tours doesn’t really impact the length of your stay that much. Whether you depart from Maui or from Oahu, you will still have the same amount of time for exploring, give or take. Although the ferry takes longer, you have a car to get around.

Some of the things to do in Molokai include visiting various monuments and churches as this is part of the history within this particular region. The most common attraction is the Molokai Leper Colony, which is on Molokai’s northern coastline. This is where the cliffs drop 2000 feet with spectacular views of the peninsula. Father Damien also known as St. Damien has his church here as well. There is also the Molokai Coffee Plantation and a number of Hawaiian fishponds.

If you find yourself heavily engrossed and wish to extend your stay, there are a number of Molokai vacation rentals available that you can book. This will allow you to really take in the culture and history of this delightful island. Molokai tours can be enjoyed in a day or for a week without seeming dull and boring. No matter what you do you are constantly reminded of what Hawaii was like many hundreds of years ago and this is where their real charm lies.