Monasterio Hotel Cuzco Review: Pros and Cons

Monasterio Hotel CuzcoThe Monasterio Hotel Cuzco is an excellent hotel choice for many visitors who travel to Peru. This hotel does have a few drawbacks, but all in all it is an excellent place to stay, with the pros and benefits far outweighing any disadvantages. The rooms are all nicely furnished, and the staff is extremely helpful and takes care of your every need. The Monasterio Hotel Cuzco is a great place to stay if your trip includes hiking the Inca Trail or visiting the Machu Picchu ruins, because both are close to the hotel. One of the few cons is that all of the rooms here are not standardized, so you may get differing sizes or d├ęcor, but all of the rooms are nice and the beds are extremely comfortable.

Monasterio Hotel Cuzco may be a little more expensive than some of the other possible lodging choices, but the cost is within most budgets and the price is competitive with other comparable hotels in the area. It is generally a little less than the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, but the location is also a little farther from the ruins and Machu Picchu tours, which may be a drawback. The rooms and hotel structure are very clean, and the food offered at the restaurant is terrific.

Guests at the Monasterio Hotel Cuzco are usually very happy with their stay, regardless of why they are visiting the area. One possible experience you can enjoy while staying at the hotel is the Cuzco to Lake Titicaca train trip. The lake is a beautiful place to explore and bathe, and the train ride is exciting, with gorgeous scenery and views from the train windows. The Monasterio Hotel Cuzco is one of the best places to stay if you are going to travel to this part of Peru, with very few drawbacks to go with many benefits, and a price which is very reasonable for the area of the hotel and the level of luxury you receive.