Montreal Underground City – Secrets Revealed!

Montreal Underground CityThe Montreal underground city is a place that many people from other parts of the world do not know about, but something that many Canadians who live in the city take for granted. The underground tunnels make it easy and convenient to do shopping in Montreal and travel from one area to the next without having to brave frigid cold temperatures or winter weather that is full of snow and ice. The Montreal underground city started out as a way to conceal railroad tracks, but the idea quickly caught on and the tunnels and underground spaces were enlarged and extended over the years.

With all of the possible things to do in Montreal, being able to travel underground in an environment that is climate controlled in the colder months makes perfect sense. The Metro runs each day from 5:30 in the morning until 1 in the morning, although most of the stores in the Montreal underground city are not open for this entire period. There are more than twenty miles of tunnels and establishments located underground, and most of the hotels in Montreal Canada are located close enough to allow you to explore this hidden city. Although this is an experience that many Montreal residents are used to, the first time you visit you will be astonished.

The Montreal underground city features thirty movie theaters, more than two hundred restaurants and eateries, and over seventeen hundred shops and boutiques to shop in. The city was closed for a time when a large crack was found in the ceiling of one of the tunnels, but the damage was quickly repaired and the city under the ground was reopened. There are many Montreal boutique hotels situated above this hidden metropolis, located just a short distance away from all that the underground tunnels have to offer. Whether you visit to shop, dine, or just have a good time, there are many things to enjoy while underground.