Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Scenic Drive Review

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal ParkCrossing from the Utah-Arizona state lines, the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a picturesque scenic drive. The tribal park is the Navajo version of a National park. The park and drive stretches across 17 miles and a trip duration lasting two to four hours. Along the scenic drive, visitors can stop at a variety of shops, restaurants and visitor centers. Most importantly, this valley drive includes a plethora of Monument Valley lodging that will accommodate any traveler’s needs.

By enjoying your vacation from the Gouldings Lodge Monument Valley, visitors can experience the wonders of the Navajo valley. The lodge features rooms for a variety of vacation needs as well as a campsite. Through the lodge, tours can be set up for visitors to experience ghost tours, walking tours, or all day excursion tours.

Another hotel that is part of the tribal park scenic drive is the The View Hotel Monument Valley. Each hotel room has a view facing the east, which will guarantee visitors picturesque views of the valley. This hotel is the only hotel within the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The hotel features the Wildcat Trail Walking Tour. This tour is a four mile hike descends 900 feet to the bottom of the canyon. Hiking this breathtaking trail at sunrise is a great way to begin your day in the tribal park.

Many of the Monument valley tours offer different hiking or riding adventures. Visitors can explore Mystery Valley and Hunts Mesa by booking any of these tours.

Flight tours are sometimes available to view The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. As a part of the “grand circle,” this region is close to many other natural phenomena such as the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Arches National Park.

Erosion has played a major factor in forming the beauty of The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Natural forces like wind and water have formed the rock structures that make up the miles of Arizona landscape. A great way to spend an Arizona vacation is within this Navajo retreat.