Mount Rushmore National Memorial – 5 Best Things To Do!

Mount Rushmore National MemorialSpending time at Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a great way to explore treasures. The faces of the former Presidents of the United States are prominent and expressive. It makes you wonder how they were formed and what skill was required.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial also has a great number of activities. It is a place where you can literally spend hours walking around as you marvel at the expansive area.

For years, people have come from miles away to take in the sights of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It is definitely a place that you should explore. You and your family will have the perfect vacation, mixed with lots of history.

The 5 best things to do at Mount Rushmore National Memorial can be found right here:

1. Hike the President’s Trail – This is the main attraction and filled with Mount Rushmore facts. It leads to the Avenue of the Flags and the Grandview Terrace. Here the best views of the stone figures are seen. If you want great photo opportunities, this is the activity to select.

2. Views of Mount Rushmore Presidents – The trails that lead to the actual president’s heads are separated into views. For example, Washington is first, then Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. All five of these President’s have a special meaning to Americans. They each stood on principles and helped shape the nation.

3. The Shrine of Democracy – This area is 6200 feet in elevation and was the first and only stop for the early tourists. The amphitheater, hiking trails and other areas were not built yet. Only this monument.

4. Sculptors Workshop – The great part about Mount Rushmore vacations is the story. More than 400 employees completed this natural wonder and it took some time. This attraction also has a gift shop for purchasing souvenirs.

5. Best Western Golden Spike – It may seem funny to have a hotel on this list, however this particular type of lodging is a must see. It is situated right in the Black Hills, which is another great attraction. Other hotels near Mount Rushmore do not have views like these.