Mount Rushmore Presidents Faces – How They Were Chosen?

Mount Rushmore PresidentsThe Mount Rushmore Presidents were all chosen for certain reasons. Although there are only four represented, they each played a vital role in United States history.

The Mount Rushmore Presidents are as follows: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. These men were pioneers and history-makers. They were revolutionaries.

Mount Rushmore facts surrounding the selection of these four great men begin with President George Washington. As the founding father of the United States, he represents the struggle the country faced for the independence from England. Through the efforts of our first President, America flourished. Though tough times emerged, the nation found a way to remain steadfast.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial includes Thomas Jefferson because of his visionary efforts. Jefferson was the first to begin the great expansion of the nation. Without the work of Thomas Jefferson, the United States would not have survived many hardships. His perseverance was the cornerstone of his era.

Perhaps the greatest of the Mount Rushmore Presidents, until his untimely death, was Abraham Lincoln. He strived for equality and was known as a champion of the people. His life-long dream was the preservation of all states through the union.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 20th century representative of the Mount Rushmore Presidents. Also known as Teddy, Roosevelt focused on developing America. He worked towards promoting the economy and developing international affairs.

As much as these Presidents represent specific areas in America’s history, so does the Crazy Horse Memorial. This dedicated project to the North American Indians stands as a testament to those who were the original inhabitants of this great land.

The sculptor of the Mount Rushmore Memorial wanted to make a lasting impression and honor these men. He made sure the techniques he used would withstand all elements and circumstances. Now, more than 60 years later, millions of visitors come to this area every year. They greatly admire the workmanship and remember those who fought for a better country.

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