Munich Nightlife – Top 10 Hot Spots!

Munich NightlifeWhen many think of Munich nightlife, they may not really know what to expect, especially if they are visiting Germany for the first time. But, the truth is, Germans know how to express themselves in a wonderfully creative way. They love great music and food, just like every other culture in the world.

This list of Munich nightlife top 10 hot spots is a combination of everything mentioned, and more:
1. P1 – This is Munich nightlife for the posh and elegant crowd. It is a society club with beautiful gardens and sleek, black leather sofas, an inviting fireplace and soft, gentle music.

2. Paulaner Brewery – This is where the original Munich beer festival launched, and is still celebrated annually. Even if you aren’t there for the festivities, you can still enjoy spending a few hours in the massive hall while sipping liter-filled steins and dancing to German hits from the old days.

3. Schumanns – This is one of the legends in the Munich nightlife scene. The doors opened in 2004 and the owner still works behind the bar and in the kitchen to this day. The drinks are expertly mixed and the music is pumping. The crowd is nicely blended. Make sure to ask for the fried potatoes.

4. Jazzclub Unterfahrt Im Einstein – If you desire a nice concert as part of your Munich nightlife agenda, then head over to this club, which used to be a brewery and sit back, sip some wine and listen to the best jazz for miles around.

5. Atomic Café – Munich nightlife with a blast from the two best decades of music, 1960through 1970. Here you can even listen to live bands as they play oldies but goodies. Don’t expect to see hippies or beatniks here though; mostly 20-year olds hang at this spot.

6. Party Night Bus Club – This is one of the most unique things to do in Munich once the sun sets. It’s a party bus that is 60 feet in length and takes you from one place to another all along its route, while serving drinks and dancing to the music of the DJ.

7. 8 Seasons – A great Munich accommodation for those who love club music, techno and house music. The club is right in the historic center, which means you should hear the music for miles, but luckily, the 20-foot walls do a great job of muffling the sounds. They also have great parties on the outdoor terrace.

8. Rote Sonne – This club is in a word, unpretentious. It is hip and chic and located in a basement. Still, it plays host to some of the finest musicians around and is right next to two of the best hotels in Munich Germany, Hotel Konigshof and Bayerischer Hof.

9. Boomerang – With a name like Boomerang, you can only assume this club has an Australian theme, and it does. Pure dance club. Beer is served in bottles and the music is hot.

10. 59-1 – Indie music rules this club. Bands like Dillinger and Delphic are regulars and the DJ spins some of the newest tracks available. The only downside is the popularity continues to spread and the club can become overcrowded, very quickly.