Nepal Trekking Tours Review

Nepal Trekking ToursNepal trekking tours will allow all levels of trekking enthusiasts ranging from novice to professional to experience the ultimate journey in the Nepal snow-topped region. No matter what your level of trekking or climbing expertise is you can choose from a myriad of Nepal vacation packages to meet your needs and goals.

Nepal trekking tours options vary from easy to advanced and could be precisely tailored to fit your vacation schedule and budget accordingly. If you are a fist time trekker in Nepal, picking an easy and short Nepal trekking tour will allow you to get familiar with the surroundings and get a feel of the high altitude climate.

We highly recommend you look into Ghorepani or Langtang Trek for your first time Nepal trekking exploration. Both of these treks take mere 9 days and are marked as easy and enjoyable for novice trekkers. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking mountain sceneries, walk around local villages to experience rich ethnic heritage of the Nepal nations.

For moderate level of trekkers we recommend you consider Annapurna trekking journey that opens endless opportunities to experience drastic changes in altitudes and climates that are presented with different ecosystems and ethnic cultures along the way.

All Nepal trekking tours are carefully planned to gently ease your body into high altitude changes and allow plenty of time for acclimatization that is vital for your health and well being. Drinking plenty of water will help ward off high altitude sickness and help your body function better in rough weather conditions.

Trekking in Nepal tours could seem expensive at first sight and can range from $800 through $3000 depending on the duration and chosen route. This price tag includes local airfare, National Park fees, permits and porter services that will help you carry your load.

Preparing for your trekking in Nepal way in advance will ensure that you will get all necessary visas, permits and book accommodations at different Kathmandu hotels that fill up fast at the high peak of trekking in Nepal from March through May. Getting on a regular exercise program to get in shape is highly recommended at least 6 months before your Nepal trekking tour to condition your body for extreme climate and rough trekking passes.