Nevada Travel Guide

Nevada located in the western portion of the United States is mostly a desert, however, legalized gambling, adult entertainment and easy marriage protocol has made the state a major tourist hub for anybody seeking to have a great Nevada vacation or tie a knot. Most of Nevada attractions are centered around the Clark county along with two thirds of its residents living in the Vegas metropolitan area.

Our Nevada Travel guide will point to some of the most curious places to visit in the Silver State that are not exclusively limited to gambling or any other vices commonly associated with Nevada vacation.

The Sin City, Las Vegas, takes the center stage among the attractions in the State of Nevada. To understand what Vegas really is, many Nevada travel guides compare it to mayhem-like man-made entertainment oasis located on the edge of the Mojave Desert. Any thinkable types of casinos could be found here scattered literally around every corner of the city along with legalized adult entertainment establishments. Beyond its sinful side, Las Vegas is brimming with its larger than life entertainment industry catering to anybody from age 3 to 103. Major performers, singers, stuntmen and comedians are drawn to Vegas like flies to a pot of honey. Indeed, here anything is possible and you can enjoy indoor skydiving by day, watch lions inside a major hotel lobby and even taken a gondola ride with your sweetheart amidst this man made haven in the middle of the desert. In the evening there’s nothing better than catching your favorite comedy show, live musical or watching an award winning Cirque du Soleil performance. But some of the top attractions in Vegas are free, namely, world famous Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel, Fremont Street Experience, Sirens of the Treasure Island Show and MGM Gran Lion Habitat.

Merely 20 miles separate the hustle and bustle of Vegas from its neighboring Boulder City drawing crowds to its iconic attraction, Hoover Dam. Constructed back in the 1930’s in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River with the purpose of controlling flood and produce hydroelectric power, it is now considered one of the greatest engineering creations of the 20th century. Many Nevada travel guides recommend you take an hour long tour of the Hoover Dam plant if you decide to take a break from gambling and partying in Vegas.

Lake Mead National Recreational Area is a welcoming oasis of serenity within a 30 minute car ride from the strip providing a great alternative for family members who can relax and take in the natural beauty of the area while the rest indulge in all the Vegas gaming fun. Take a Lake Mead dinner cruise, swim, fish and boat, or perhaps have a picnic and hike in the midst of gorgeous Nevada vacation paradise.

Valley of Fire, NevadaAnother option to escape busy gambling strip is to visit the Valley of Fire State Park displaying some of the most incredible red sandstone rugged nature’s creations and ancient petroglyphs. Alternatively, Red Rock Canyon is another worthy destination situated just 15 miles from busy Vegas strip allowing its visitors to take in gorgeous red rock cliffs, rugged landscapes and engage in even more exciting activities like rock climbing, hiking and enjoying its vivid flora and fauna.

Reno is the place to visit in Nevada if you can’t decide whether you like gambling or kayaking. A strange combination but the city keeps delivering some of the best gaming and white water adventures. The city is the second most popular destination among travelers after Vegas according to many Nevada travel guides. Don’t think that two cities are in close proximity from one another; quite on the contrary, they are located 9 hours of driving apart. Besides gaming and outdoor fun, visitors come here for annual festivals and events. An impressive list of events is topped by National Championship Air Races, Balloon Races, Rib Cook Offs and many more.

For visitors looking for an ideal Nevada vacation that has nothing to do with gambling, consider visiting Lake Tahoe located on the border of California and Nevada. It’s one of the most beautiful lakes in the country boasting crystal clear waters and nearly perfect conditions for all year round fun. The lake separates the area into the south and north shores set at the backdrop of Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The winter opens plenty of skiing and snowmobiling opportunities with gorgeous views all around you. In the summer guests enjoy all sorts of water based fun activities ranging from swimming, boating and even rafting on the Truckee River.

Great Basin National ParkNevada vacation is not only about gambling and rowdy nights on the strip, there’s much more in this arid state blessed with a all sorts of outdoor opportunities ranging from camping, hiking and enjoying its great wildlife. Great Basin National Park tucked away between Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains showcases Nevada nature in its fullest including some of the oldest bristlecone pines and a variety of forest and desert plants. Among its wildlife one can spot plenty of reptiles, birds and 60 species of mammals. The park features a series of Lehman Caves with a variety of underground formations. Camping sites are plentiful across the Park and some sites are open year round. Due to extreme temperature fluctuations, visitors should prepare for heat and for cold temperatures.