New Zealand Travel Guide

Fiordland National ParkNew Zealand is a remotely located mysterious country where the sun rises earlier than anywhere else on the planet holding so many fantastic New Zealand attractions made famous in part due to crazy popular trilogy Lord of The Rings. Nature in its most primitive and undeveloped forms is awaiting anyone who books New Zealand vacation packages to one of the most environmentally conscious destinations on the planet, a place of unsurpassed natural splendor, one of a kind cuisine and incredible heritage introduced by local Polynesian Maori culture.

New Zealand is one of the youngest countries in the world that was explored and developed later than any other country due to its remoteness. This fact allowed NZ to remain unchanged opposed to any other corner of the world that had to succumb to the drawbacks of modern civilization and technological progress endangering many species of flora and fauna. Most tourists coming here will like they are transported back hundreds of years ago where they can see rare species that are practically extinct in the rest of the world. The landscapes are so diverse than a few hours of driving can guide you from one to another completely different ecosystem.

The territory of NZ is comprised of the major South and North Islands that and five smaller islands including Stewart Island, the largest of them. Southern Alps mountain range slices up the land territory of the South Island creating great opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing and various outdoor escapades. If you want to discover the natural wonders of NZ, there are no better ways than visiting one of 14 National parks in the country, especially since some of them were included in the World Heritage Site listing. Each park presents a unique introduction into the geography of this remote country. Explore some of the most well known of them: while Tongariro National Park is the place of active volcanoes and Southern Alps have some of the best skiing slopes in the world, Fiordland National Park is the place of breathtakingly beautiful fjords, glacier formed passages between mountains, and gorgeous waterfalls and rainforests.

AucklandWhether you are coming to NZ to marvel at its outdoor paradise, set off on head spinning thrilling adventures, learn more about Maori cultures or take a Lord of the Rings tour, scroll below where we introduce you to the helpful New Zealand travel tips guide.

Auckland is the biggest metropolitan city in the country that is famous for its historical volcanic activity, a large number of sail boats that flock to the shores of the Waitemata Harbor and, most importantly, its natural attractions. Auckland is also a melting pot of cultures where European, Asian and Polynesian cultures learned to successfully live together within country’s short history. It’s a place of incredible hiking adventures set at the backdrop of extinct volcanoes, whale and dolphin watching cruises, wine and beer sampling paradise, cuisine that is an eclectic mix of British and Polynesian gastronomies.

Rotorua is one of the most touristy areas in NZ receiving up to 3 million guests annually due to the super active geothermal activity in the area that causes an abundance of natural hot springs, geysers and boiling mud pools giving off the distinctive sulphur “aroma” to the air surrounding the city. In addition to its geothermal wonders, one third of the city’s population is made up of native Maori people who celebrate their incredible traditions and showcase their talents in making various arts and crafts that could be witnessed at Ohinemutu cultural village. One of the hottest attractions is without a doubt Lake Rotorua which is where many fishing, boating and cruising, or even helicopter tours could be booked. Explore famous Government Gardens, watch incredible geothermal activity at the Sulphur Bay, get up-close to many plant species of NZ that grow at the Redwoods and take one of the best walking adventures through the Rotorua Walkway. Waimangu Volcanic Valley is a breathtaking landmark that could be enjoyed by all guests that will introduce you to all the best New Zealand guides have to offer you.

Waitomo Glowworm CavesWellington is New Zealand’s capital and the place that attracts avid Lord of the Rings fans booking one of many themed New Zealand vacation packages. Ever since Peter Jackson decided to film the famous trilogy on the beautiful slopes on the country, it has given an incredible boost to the local tourism industry and drew crowds of movie fans. Guests have a chance to tour the exact places where the highly acclaimed movie was being filmed, see some objects and armory used in the film making. Aside from the Lord of Rings buzz, travelers can enjoy magnificent natural attractions like Mount Victoria and Kaukau, gorgeous city’s harbor, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary preserving world’s most endangered species of the animal world.

Christchurch is a conservative city in NZ with strong British roots that has started embracing the multicultural vibes coming from larger cities in the country. Many travel guides issued important New Zealand travel tips in association with a recent tragic earthquake that took lives of almost 200 people on February 11 2011 and devastated the downtown area. It’s important you check NZ tourism board sites before booking any New Zealand travel packages. The city is very green according to the best English traditions and is blooming practically all year round. Botanic Gardens are showcasing why the city earned its “Garden City” title by an abundance of plants, flowers and trees surrounding a gorgeous Avon River. Another important set of attractions is set around its artistic side. Local Arts Center and Art Gallery are well worth your visit. Visit the cultural Tamaki Maori Village to witness incredible traditions of the aboriginal people of NZ.

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