Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim Review

Nidaros CathedralThe lively university town of Trondheim is home to Norway’s national sanctuary, the Nidaros Cathedral. Nidaros Cathedral is the most popular religious spot across Norway drawing on average 400,000 tourists annually. The Cathedral’s popularity makes it an integral part of many Norway travel package itineraries.

In the evening locals and tourists can enjoy masses generously layered with a great deal of music that could be cherished under high vaulted arches of the Cathedral. Nidaros Cathedral continually provides local parishioners of Trondheim town with divine services.

Nidaros Cathedral represents one of the oldest and most significant architectural symbols of Gothic style, while some existing older parts of the Cathedral possess strong Roman style character. The religious significance of the Nidaros Cathedral is derived from the grave site of St Olav that the Cathedral was built over.

For almost four centuries starting in 1050 Nidaros Cathedral was one of the important pilgrimage sites for people seeking healing, revelation and consolation. The pilgrimage way was reopened in 1997 and has been drawing pilgrims from all over the world ever since. Nidaros Cathedral is still an official place of crowning and burial services for Norway’s monarchs.

Nidaros Cathedral is also admired by many tourists due to intricately decorated façade using stone ornaments and stained glass that dates back to the 12th century.

We recommend you climb the towers of the Cathedral where spectacular scenery of Trondheim is unfolding in front of you.

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