Norway Travel Guide

Bergen, NorwayNorway located in Nordic Europe offers a bounty of natural wonders that should be experienced by everybody at least once in a lifetime. Nothing beats inhaling crystal fresh air while enjoying one of many idyllic fjords etched over the years into the mountain slopes by glacial activity. Taking a Norway vacation is a great opportunity to take in the Norwegian wilderness, learn about Arctic ecosystem and its exploration over the history of humanity, and most of all feel the tranquility that only Nordic landscapes can offer.

By all means any Norway travel guide will full heartedly promote Norway vacations due to their uniqueness in each and every way. Where else can you experience the Arctic phenomenon, the Midnight Sun and enjoy daylight during the night hours? What about sperm whale watching off the coast in Vesteralen, or may be the best in the world fishing? All these endless opportunities will open up for those booking incredible Norway vacations.

Our Norway travel guide below will sketch a nearly perfect itinerary for anybody seeking to explore the finest Norway attractions.

Oslo, NorwayNearly all Norway vacations start with the splendid capital Oslo where visitors are introduced to a perfect mix of old and modern when it comes to architecture, museums and most definitely outdoor pleasures of hiking, sailing and biking. Visitors will be pleased to find plenty of outdoor recreational activities within the city limits. Among its must see attractions the capital offers the Det Kongelige Slott Royal Palace, a perfect place to see the changing of the guard, take guided tours of the Royal rooms and its great art collection. Norwegian Folk Museum is one of the most curious open air museums scattered across a vast territory, over 100 buildings and structures. In the Old Town section visitors can see the replica of the old style Norwegian village showcasing original pieces and handicrafts from early 20th century historical period. If you are planning to see a lot of museums, consider buying an Oslo pass allowing you to get a discounted entry to most museums in the capital. Viking Ship Museum, National Gallery and Norwegian Maritime Museums are some of the top attractions worth seeing. No trip to Norway would be complete without visiting Nobel Peace Center commemorated to all of the Nobel Prize winners in various categories.

A former Viking village, Bergen is a historical sea port with a modern twist. Almost all Norway cruises will start from this point, a gateway to explore some of the best western fjords. Rightfully labeled the “Rainiest City in Europe”, it bring over 200 rainy days each year. In downtown, do not miss the Bryggens Museum and Bergen Art Museum presenting some of the finest historical artifacts of Norwegian culture. Local fish market is a huge draw where people come and mingle. Bergenhuss Fortress is also frequented by a lot of visitors since it’s one of the largest and best preserved 13th century fortresses. If you can’t decide what to see, simply hire a guided city tour which will give you a brief 3 hour city highlights.

Trondheim is almost always synonymous with the Nidaros Cathedral that is frequented by over 400,000 visitors every year. The Nidaros is a holy site for many pilgrims because it was built over the burial site of St Olav and is now an official Cathedral where Norwegian Monarchs start and end their rulings. A myriad of cute wooden houses are scattered across this lovely university city creating a truly Norwegian setting.

Tromso located in the Arctic Circle is the place to be to see the Northern Lights phenomenon. Catch a cable car at night to see this incredible happening at its best. Due to town’s geographical location, a lot of arctic explorations took off from its grounds, hence a plethora of museums commemorated to these activities like the Polar museum. Polaria Aquarium showcases Arctic animals at their best and is considered more educational establishments rather than for entertainment. In winter, there’s no stopping outdoorsmen to enjoy the best in the world dog and reindeer sledding, and snowmobiles.

Norway FjordsWhen you think of Norway, images of beautiful fjords come to mind almost automatically. Indeed, Norway fjords are some of top attractions in the country. You can explore a multitude of fjords from the land based viewing points, but nothing beats fjord cruises enabling guests to see the breathtaking natural wonders up-close and personal. So many fjords and so little time during most Norway vacations! If you only could see one, Geiranger fjord is the most beautiful one perhaps in the whole world capturing visitors’ hearts by its spectacular “Seven Sisters Waterfall”. Naeroj fjord is another attraction that is frequented by cruise goers opening head spinning views of the mountains, valleys and abandoned farmlands. Visiting Fjaerlandsfjord is like killing 2 birds with one stone because you get a chance to not only the surrounding natural beauty but to visit the Norwegian Glacier Museum.

Norway is not a destination but an experience that must be savored again and again. We hope that our Norway travel guide has helped you plan your next Norwegian vacation.