Norwegian Fjords Cruise – Top 10 Places To Visit!

Norwegian Fjords CruiseNorwegian Fjords cruise provide a rare opportunity to sail through Norwegian picturesque mountain valleys, glacier shaped landscapes spiced up by delicate blossoming apple trees in the springtime. Unlike other sea cruise taking you far into the sea, Norwegian Fjords cruise will stay closer to land passing by beautiful fjord landscapes and coming through picturesque town ports with amazing tourist attractions.

This article will reveal 10 great places you might come by while sailing along fjords of Norway:

Bergen1. Bergen tops our list of places many Norwegian Fjords cruises include on their destination itineraries. It’s hard for any Norwegian port or city to match Bergen’s historical and cultural significance. Bergen has recently become a World Heritage site having been founded on the place of a former Viking settlement. It is situated between Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. This beautiful city was voted the Worlds Most Unspoiled Tourist Destination by National Geographic. Bergen is full of history that is generously displayed at many museums and art galleries found in town. Tourists will enjoy the views of beautiful snow-capped mountains. Taking a funicular railway is the ultimate way to explore the town and its spectacular views. Staying in cozy Bergen hotels is your chance to learn more fjord facts along with rich and intricate history of this famous fjord port. While exploring around guests may wander into small villages such as Gudvangen. After a full day of sightseeing, visitors may return to Bergen and relax at one of the wonderful restaurants and enjoy a traditional Scandinavian meal.

Trondheim2. While enjoying Norwegian Fjords Cruise, guests may stop in Trondheim. Trondheim is the second most popular fjord port included in many Norway travel packages. Trondheim is Norway’s first capital and home to one of nation’s religious sanctuaries, Nidaros Cathedral. Among other points of interest well worth seeing are King of Norway’s official residence and Archbishop’s Palace. There are many wonderful and interesting activities in Trondheim. If it is towards the end of July or early August, visitors may enjoy one of the international festivals such as the Trondheim Jazz Festival or the Trondheim Chamber music Festival. There is also the beautiful and historic St. Olav Drama theatre where visitors may catch a show. If time permits, guests may want to cruise to the historic island of Munkholmen to see Trondheim from the sea. This is a spectacular view and should not be missed.

alesund3. One of the stops of typical Norwegian Fjords cruise is Alesund. Alesund town is located at the mouth of famous Geirangerfjord and was fully rebuilt after surviving a fire back in 1904. Due to this fact, Alesund’s architecture does not follow the architectural styles of older Norwegian towns. This is a well-known art nouveau town and was voted the most beautiful town in Norway in 2007 as well as 2009. Do not miss a chance to visit one of the Europe’s largest Aquariums called Atlantic Sea Park and the Art Nouveau Center in Alesund. Tourists may travel to Mt. Aksla which is one of Alesund’s biggest attractions and offers wonderful views of this beautiful town. After a full day of touring Alesund, guests can enjoy a great meal at one of the many restaurants. Alesund also offers plenty of shopping to pick out that perfect souvenir for visitors to return home with.

Tromso4. Tromso is located in the far north of Norway, just 2000 km from the North Pole and is situated right in the center of the Northern Lights Zone, which makes it an ideal place to enjoy Polar nights and midnight sun in the summertime. The best way to explore this city is to take a cable car ride to the top of mountain Storsteinen where you can enjoy the city and its surroundings from the bird’s eye view. Tromso is surrounded by many of the fjords as well as the mountain peaks. Tromso is also a starting point for many Arctic expeditions. History of some Polar expeditions is generously displayed at the Polaria Museum. Visitors of Tromso will also be able to enjoy a wonderful meal at anyone of the great restaurants nearby.

Hammerfest5. Hammerfest is one of the well preserved gems of modern Norway. The town of Hammerfest is located in the heart of the Fjordland surrounded by brightly painted wooden buildings that are so characteristic to Northern Norway. Visitors will be able to see magnificent views of the Northern Lights as well as the snow-capped mountain peaks. After a full day of sightseeing, guests may get a wonderful meal at one of the restaurants located in Hammerfest. Authentic Sami nation culture is carefully preserved here and generously offered to visitors at the Lappish cabin located atop a Salen mountain where you can savor traditional Sami cuisine choices.

Andalsnes6. Andalsnes is a small Alpine town surrounded by Romsdal Alps and along the way of the Romsdalfjord. The town offers a large selection of shops, restaurants and bars where tourists can relax and soak in the atmosphere of this port town. Taking a Rauma Railway steam train provides visitors with a great way to see a famous Troll Wall with a beautiful cascading waterfall that falls from an outstanding height of 6,000 ft. While visiting Andalsnes tourists will enjoy the quaint little hamlets and villages as well as the beautiful snow-capped mountain tops. After all of this sightseeing, visitors may relax at one of the restaurants before continuing on to some of the wonderful shops.

Stavanger7. Stavanger, the birthplace of the Viking culture, will greet you proudly with Stavanger Church, one of the oldest wooden building collection in the world located in close proximity to the docking station. It is a sure stop on a typical Norwegian Fjords cruise. The town of Stavanger also has immense selection of craft and antique stores, art galleries and restaurants to attract many tourists. While in Stavanger, visitors can enjoy hiking Kjerag which is at the end of Lysefjord. There are also many places that offer bicycle tours in Stavanger. While strolling through the town, guests can enjoy the little shops where they can pick up souvenirs to take home with them. After a full day of activities, guests will be able to relax at any one of the wonderful local restaurants.

Olden8. Make sure that your Norwegian Fjords cruise makes stop in Olden. It is a beautiful village nested amidst picturesque Oldedalen Valley. Olden is located at the end of Nordfjord which is the 6th longest fjord in all of Norway. Olden is a starting point for some interesting Norway travel destinations like the Josdelal Glacier National park or tours taking your deeper into the Fjordland area to see many museums and a glacier plateau ski area. Because of the glacier, it seems that winter is always close at hand. There are many fun activities to do while visiting this place such as hiking through the lush valleys of Jostedalsbreen National Park.

Honningsvag9. Honningsvaag is a busy sea port of Norway’s upper north side opening its way into the Arctic Ocean. 77 nights out of the year tourists can enjoy the magnificence of the midnight sun shining bountifully at the North Cape area in Norway. Visit the spectacular North Cape Heritage Museum that is considered one of the hottest tourist meccas in Norway. Guests of Honningsvaag may go to the North Cape Hall where they can enjoy the restaurants, mail a post card from the post office and explore the souvenir shop. This is all located four floors below ground. Visitors can find their way to the top of one of the cliffs where they can enjoy the beautiful views of Honningsvaag.

Village of Flam10. When participating in Norwegian Fjords cruise, guests will be able to explore the Village of Flam. This is a beautiful, quaint little village located in the Flam Valley nested inside the deepest and longest Sognefjord. The Village of Flam boasts two hotels to choose from if you are planning on staying overnight. Each hotel is complete with its own restaurant. Tourists will be left breathless by streaming waterfalls and snow topped mountain ridges that will be gradually unfolding in front of them on the way to the Flam village. Flam Railway adventure is simply a must to take and is considered one of the worlds’s most unique engineering masterpieces rising proudly over 2,000 ft above the sea level. While there is not much of a nightlife in the Village of Flam, visitors will be struck by the beauty of this little village.

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