Olympic National Forest Backpacking – Which Route To Choose?

Olympic National ForestIf you plan to spend more than a few hours or overnight in the Olympic National Forest, you are considered a backpacker. Nevertheless, how do you decide on the right route?

Backpacking along the Olympic Peninsula Washington, is the alternative to hiking because you have your provisions with you. You do not have to concern yourself with food, water and most times, lodging.

Backpacking overnight in the Olympic National Forest requires a permit. You will have a long journey of at least 10 miles. If you plan to stay overnight, your backpack must include a small 1 or 2-person tent.

It is challenging to decide which route to choose because with so many Olympic National Park facts to review, you may confuse yourself. It’s best to plan out your trip by using a state approved guidebook.

This will help keep you updated with the area and any changes that could impede your adventure in the Olympic National Forest. Once you have the details, choose your departure and arrival destination points. You can then select the route.

One exciting trail for backpackers in Olympic National Forest is Greenwater and Echo Lakes by Mount Rainier. It is a total of 14 miles with an elevation of 1600 feet.

Your trip begins at the beginning of the trail in the parking lot. Gear up and get ready. As you enter the dark and wonderfully mysterious forest, you should prepare for plenty of wildlife. The distance from the entrance to the first lake, Greenwater is about 2 miles. You can hunker down for the night. One of the best parts about Olympic National Park lodging is it can be as simple as sleeping near a crystal-clear lake for the night.

You can continue on the same path if you wish and slowly climb the through the valley for another 3 miles. You meet the steep part of the climb and another 5 miles leads to the top of the path. After another 4 miles, you come to the entrance of Echo Lake. This is another place to stay the night. Dinner can be provided by the fresh lake trout that swim in abundance.

If you choose to keep going, you can reach Seattle in a few hours; it is to the west. There are plenty of things to do around Seattle however, as a backpacker you may be used to the wild. At any rate, you should at least be able to grab a good cup of coffee before you head back.