Olympic National Park Hot Springs Trail – A Very Fun Hike!

Olympic National Park Hot SpringsThe Olympic National Park hot springs are very easy to reach. It is only approximately 2 ½ miles long. The path is very well maintained and paved for access for just about everyone.

Ironically, enough, many people do not consider that spending time here is one of the things to do around Seattle. They think they have to take days off from work and make a ton of plans.

The truth is the Olympic National Park hot springs are only a few miles to the west. You can reach the area in less than an hour, depending upon the time of day you choose to travel.

This is just one of the lesser-known Olympic National Park facts. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to get out of the city, this is a great way to spend time surrounded by natural beauty.

To hike to the Olympic National Park hot springs, take the Boulder Creek Trail. It’s a good idea to start out early since they tend to get crowded during the summer. The trail takes you to Appleton Pass or Aurora Ridge. Appleton Pass will lead you to the Sol Duc Springs and that area has a campground. If you plan to camp there, you can.

During your Olympic National Park hiking trip to the hot springs, you will encounter all types of scenic views like enormous trees and wildflowers. Make sure you bring your camera. You may also encounter a few small burrowing creatures, like the marmot. Do not worry, they are harmless and will try to avoid you. Just remember to refrain from offering any food to any of the animals.

In just a short while, you will arrive at the famous Olympic National Park hot springs area where you can choose from several different pools. You may run into a few nudists, so be prepared for that as well.

Once you enter the soothing waters, you will immediately feel the stress melt away. This is the best way to experience natural healing and complete surrender to your environment. As the sun, bears down and you soak in the rays you can reflect on your wonderful trip.