Panama Tours Review – Which One Is The Best?

Panama ToursThere are quite a few Panama tours that you can choose from and depending upon what you are looking for, you should be able to find one that fits you perfectly.

One of the most wonderful aspects of Panama is the weather, which means your tour will more than likely include at least a few outdoor attractions. Panama tours can be packaged or completed on an ala carte basis, which means, you only pay for those you participate in.

Of course, if you are more into pampering and relaxation, there are a number of Panama tours that feature spas and resorts where you can spend the majority of your time indoors.

The Panama Canal Transit Tour – Is one of the top Panama Canal tours. For the price of $120 per person the tour starts with transportation to the Aador Causeway. As you lounge on the vessel, you will pass beneath the Bridge of the Americas and enter through the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks. Next, you go through Culebra Cut. Your final destination is Gamboa. Enjoy breakfast and lunch aboard the ferry while your tour guide explains all points of interests along the way a perfect example of the more relaxing Panama tours.

Caribbean Adventure Tour – This is one of the best Panama Adventure tours for large groups or families with children, ages 8 and up. The cost is only $150 and features a myriad of activities, such as, snorkeling, zip lining and river rope swings. You also have the option to participate in Scuba diving. In addition to the high level of excitement, you also have a chance to learn the history of Panama. Lunch is included.

Eco-Tour – Bocas del Toro, one of the top Panama all inclusive resorts, offers this tour of the jungles and white, sandy beaches where you can experience all of the Panamanian wild life. You can go kayaking, white water rafting and horseback riding too. The average cost for this tour is approximately $35 to $195, package or ala carte rates apply.

Panama City Tour – Casco Viejo – If you are more interested in Panama facts, this is a great way to spend the day, and it’s fairly inexpensive as well. For just $79, you can spend 8 hours waking around the city. Your day begins with breakfast, then a trip to the museum. The next stop is for photo opportunities, near the Bridge of the Americas. Lunch comes next and sight-seeing as your guide explains all of the marvelous architecture.

Shopping in Panama City Tour – If you’ve traveled on one of the Panama Canal cruises, look for half-day tours, like the, which only costs $53. You won’t have to worry about wasting valuable time wandering the plazas. Other short, Panama tours include a trip to the Summit Botanical Garden, which lasts 4 hours and costs $104. You are provided with a professional guide who transports you via air conditioned vehicle to your destination. Once there, you have the privilege of seeing the world’s most beautiful and unique foliage.