Paris Attractions – Top 10 Must-See Landmarks!

Paris AttractionsWhen you visit Paris for the first time, even the second and the third times for that matter, there are the all important Parisian landmarks that no tourist can leave the country without seeing.

Here are the top 10 must see landmarks and Paris attractions:

  1. Eiffel Tower – The centerpiece of the city. An iron tower recognized worldwide. Champs de Mars, the park underneath the tower is a popular meeting point.
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral – A Roman Catholic Church with unmistakable French Gothic architecture, this structure stands out beyond the rest. It currently serves as the cathedral for the Archdiocese of Paris.
  3. Musee du Louvre – Undoubtedly one of the largest museums and collections of masterpieces housed in the world. Home to the famed Mona Lisa, which is so popular she has been sealed behind bullet proof glass. Museum guests can also visit the armless statue Venus de Milo.
  4. The Arc de Triomphe – Once used in the victory marches as the troops marched into Paris. Now the memorial of the Unknown Soldier with the eternal flame serves as a reminder of battles past.
  5. Basilique du Sacré Cœur – Situated on the summit, the highest point in Paris, you will locate the beautiful while statuesque Roman Catholic Church which still remains active. It is a religious symbol that was consecrated in 1919.
  6. Palace of Versailles – A magnificent palace once used by the monarch of France. Now the Museum of History for France surrounding by the Gardens of Versailles, known to be one of the best examples for French garden design. The Palace of Versailles history states that it was built in the 18th century and was the largest in the world at the time. It now serves as one of the premier Paris attractions and landmarks.
  7. Ave des Champs-Elysee – A prime piece of real estate with lots of things to see in Paris. Not only is it known to be one of the most beautiful streets in the world, it is argueably the most expensive. The street is lined with the Elysee Palace and luxury, high-end retail boutiques and top brand stores, such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton.
  8. Trianon Palace – Built in 1910 and situated only one mile away from the Palace of Versailles is a 4 star luxury hotel operated by the Waldorf Astoria. When visiting, take time to see the 8 acres of gardens that surround the property and have lunch at the famed Gordon Ramsey Au Trianon.
  9. Seine River – This River runs through the city of Paris and still remains an important commercial waterway. River tours offer different views of the Paris attractions opposed to what tourists see on the coach tours traveling through the streets of the city.
  10. Pantheon — Modeled to resemble the Pantheon in Rome, this structure is awe-inspiring and sheds light on the true magnitude of its architectural design and beauty.

This list of Paris attractions are fairly on the beaten path and touristy track of the city. If you are interested in getting off the beaten path, check out our article on the top 10 unusual things to do in Paris.