Paris Nightlife – Top 10 Places To Hang Out At Night!

Paris NightlifeYou’re young and want to have some fun on your trip to Paris. No problem, we have searched high and low and located the top 10 Paris nightlife hotspots so you can party like a Parisian rock star.

1. Le Moulin Rouge – World famous and oldest running Cabaret with a troupe of 100 talented artists, 60 Doriss Girls and over 1000 feathered costumes. Experience dinner, dancing, and the real French CanCan and then scratch it off your bucket list as one the fun things to do in Paris. Located at: 82 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris.

2. Le Showcase – Appropriately named; has been the unique location to many social events and parties hosted by several French political leaders and celebrities. Avoid the lines and show up well before midnight. Located at Pont Alexandre III / Port des Champs Elysées, Paris.

3. BC Black Calvados – Synonymous with the word exclusive and a staple of the Paris nightlife scene. Ultra sleek bar opened by a member of Soundgarden in 2006. Great spot for cocktails with friends and rock music; stays open until 4 am. Find them at 40 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie.

4. Le Baron – Chic and stylish is the required dress code to get past the doorman for starters. The DJ rotates between electro, pop, and rap to meet the crowd’s musical interests. Located at 6, Avenue Marceau, Paris.

5. Le Crazy Horse – Founded in the 1950’s and a Parisian highlight to the City of Lights. Dinner and a Cabaret show priced at 100 Euro per person. Their address: 12, Avenue George V. Paris.

6. Paris Pub Crawl – Come alone or with a group of friends because everyone is welcomed. Join in with others crawlers lead by a guide looking to visit three to five pubs from the Irish variety all the way to the Jazz cafés. Check online with Sandeman’s for their Pub Crawl schedule.

7. Ice Kube Bar – The understatement in unusual things to see in Paris. As the name suggests, it’s made of ice. Enter with a winter parka and gloves, and then drink your cocktails quickly because the 30 minute time limit countdown begins. Admission includes four cocktails. Find them at 1-5, Passage Ruelle, Paris.

8. Le Café Charbon – Located in the heart of Paris nightlife, the Oberkampf neighborhood. The type of fancy café that they talk about in the travel guides. Open till 2am and their address is 109 Rue Oberkampf. Paris.

9. Le Batofar – Under the spotlights of the Eiffel Tower on the river banks of the Seine, night owls will find the night club on the boat. They have a reputation for edgy and experimental music, plus live performances. Look for them at Port de la Gar, Paris.

10. Le Milliardaire – Here, it’s all about the ladies, to the tune of bottle popping and “free” flowing champagne all night long on Thursdays. So raise your glass and prepare for the overflow. Mixed music selections. Don’t miss them at 68 Rue Pierre-Charron, Paris.

Check with the hotels in Paris to get on the guest lists for the Paris nightlife clubs and hot spots. Party hard, but party responsibly.