Parque del Este Caracas Venezuela: Things To Do!

Parque Del EsteParque Del Este is in the city of Caracas and was built back in the 1950’s as a monument to Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda, a national hero in the country. It opened in 1961 and today is one of the major Caracas Venezuela attractions, drawing visitors from all over the world.

The Parque Del Este is a large green area in the city that encompasses some 82 hectares of land, split into three distinct areas. One area is a green grassy field space with gentle rolls and plenty of space to picnic, play Frisbee or simply hang out. Another part of the park is heavily forested, with plenty of walking paths allowing visitors to cool off in the shade, while the third part of the park is dedicated to paved gardens complete with tiled murals and plenty of water features. It has been said the Parque Del Este is a beautiful combination of urban design, architecture and nature that blend effortlessly into one lovely attraction but there is more to the park than just that, as it is home to other unique and surprising things as well.

One of 9 different lakes in the park is a boating lake where visitors can rent little boats and go around a sort of lazy river-esque route around the middle island that is filled with trees. There is also a cactus garden and an aviary, not to mention the terranium where visitors can get up close to the many snakes, parrots and butterflies that call the area home. If zoo animals are more your style, head on over to the mini zoo where several big cats, monkeys and sloths, among others while away the hours. The Parque Del Este is also a favorite place for runners, but because of the high temperatures associated with Venezuela it’s best to take that run during the coolest parts of the day.

Up until 2008 another attraction in the park was a replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship the Santa Maria. Today there is another replica ship in one of the lakes that houses a museum and makes a nice background for photographs.

The Parque Del Este is known as the home of the Humboldt Planetarium, complete with a 20 meter dome and a Zeiss projector that brings the heavens into spectacular view during any of their presentations. These are usually held on weekends, and focus on the skies over the country and other interesting phenomena associated with the science of astronomy.

Several hotels in Caracas Venezuela are within walking distance to this park, or visitors can take public transportation to and from the area. This park is certainly one of those things to do in Caracas Venezuela if you have some time to explore, it is fun for all ages and best of all, there is no cost for admission. Take a picnic, take a run or adventure over to the wild world of animals; it’s all right here for you.