Peninsula Valdes Argentina – Things To Do And See!

Peninsula ValdesThere are many wonderful things to do and see while vacationing in Argentina. When planning your Argentina vacation, you will need to decide on exactly what you expect out of your trip. The best way to do this is to do a little research so you can find the best Argentina tourist attractions.

One of the best places to visit in Argentina is Peninsula Valdes which is located in the northeast part of Argentina. This is a wonderful site that is mostly used for the conservation of marine wildlife while concentrating on the breeding of southern right whales, elephant sea lions as well as seals.

Peninsula Valdes is one of the most famous landmarks in Argentina as visitors come from all over the world so that they may enjoy dolphin and whale watching. In addition to watching the whales and dolphins, visitors can take a walk through Punta Tombo where they can enjoy their stroll among the penguins. These are the Magellanic penguins and are usually only there during the Argentina summer months September through February. These penguins are not cold weather penguins so you will not be able to see them during the winter. There are not many other parts of the world where you can stroll among penguins. This really is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed if you can help it.

The best way to explore Peninsula Valdes Argentina is to book a guided walking tour led by licensed naturalists, this will ensure you will gain access to some of the most amazing corners of the area where you might otherwise not be permitted and learn unique facts about Peninsula’s amazing inhabitants. Another tour you are sure to love is Whales Patagonia boat excursion taking you into the ocean to see incredible marine wildlife.

Once you are done observing the magnificent natural whale shows, if you choose you may visit nearby Puerto Madryn where you can enjoy magnificent traditional Argentinian cuisine as well as the many shops where you can purchase souvenirs to remind you of your trip to Argentina.

But there are plenty of other activities beyond wildlife watching, including spending time at fantastic beaches. Whether you fancy scuba diving, fishing, surfing or horseback riding, plenty of rentals around the beaches will help you fulfill your dreams. Perhaps you are in the mood for shell picking, go over to the sand dunes that line up the beaches of Puerto Madryn that are well worth your time.

On especially hot days, there’s no better way to cool off than heading to Peninsula Valdes Argentina Ecocenter providing extensive information on wildlife species that make Peninsula Valdes their home. Kids will be delighted to see exhibits at the local Oceanography and Natural Science Museum to further develop their knowledge of whales, penguins and sea lions.

Observing the marine animals as well as the other wildlife of Peninsula Valdes is a great way to spend part of your vacation to this beautiful part of the world. Peninsula Valdes will surely give you many happy and wonderful memories that you will take home with you.