Peterhof Palace and Gardens Review

Peterhof PalacePeterhof Palace and Gardens is one of the most visited palaces in Russia, and part of the reason for this is the elaborate gardens and numerous structures. Built as a summer palace for Peter The Great, and designed by the ruler, this palace complex was started in the early 1800s. While the palace is not as grand and elaborate as Catherine Palace, because it was built to more modest standards but is still quite luxurious and fit for a ruler, the gardens are one of the main attractions. There are a number of items on display at Peterhof Palace that belonged to the leader. WWII did result in some damage to this historic site, but the damage was repaired after the war ended.

The Peterhof Fountains are well known, and visitors come from all over the world to see them nestled in the gardens and landscaping. These fountains are gravity fed, so no mechanical equipment or parts are needed, and they are abundantly placed all over the palace grounds. The Peterhof Palace complex is located on the cliffs right next to the sea, and these cliffs actually divide the gardens into two levels, an upper garden and a lower garden. The lower gardens alone cover more than two hundred and fifty acres, and the views are spectacular. One stroll through the grounds will quickly show why this palace is one of the top St Petersburg, Russia attractions.

There is a grotto at the Peterhof Palace complex which is two stories high, and made from natural rock. This grotto was created by artisans, using natural rock sources that were imported. It is almost impossible to tell that this grotto is not naturally created. The summer is the best time to visit if you want to see the gardens in full splendor, but the crowds at this time can also be large, with long lines. There are many St Petersburg, Russia hotels that can help you with scheduling a tour to this attraction, and the experience of exploring this palace and gardens is incredible.