Playa Colorada Venezuela Review

Playa ColoradaIf a secluded beach off the beaten track is what you are hankering for, Playa Colorada may be just what the doctor ordered. Although it is a major Venezuela landmark, it is still a great place for adventure, to get away from it all, or well, both! Playa Colorada is part of the Mochima National Park, located on the northeast coast of Venezuela and sitting on the Caribbean Sea.

The park itself is home to drastic scenery, with towering cliffs, jungle vegetation, coral reefs, gulfs, bays and coves that lend themselves to be collectively known as one of the best Venezuela vacation spots, with Playa Colorada as a jewel in the crown of the park.

Translated, the name of the beach is Reddish Beach which is fitting when you see the sand that goes from a golden hue right through to a beautiful red. Sitting on the beach one can marvel at the beautiful natural scenery which includes mountains that seem to fall away into the sea and the lovely views of some of the 32 offshore islands that fade into the horizon.

Playa Colorada and the National Park is situated between two towns; Puerto La Cruz and Cumana on the coast of the lovely Caribbean Sea. The beach boasts crystal clear waters to go along with the colorful sand and is palm tree lined like most other famous beaches in the Caribbean. Perhaps one of the most picturesque of Venezuela beaches, this one is the perfect spot for catching some rays or snorkelling on one of the many colorful coral reefs that dot the marine landscape.

For those with a more adventurous spirit, scuba dives, boat trips to the islands, fishing excursions and plenty of nature hikes can be arranged, with both major towns operating boat trips to the islands from their docks.

Because of its location on the Caribbean side of Venezuela, Playa Colorada is blessed with average year round temperatures that don’t budge much from the 75-90 degree Fahrenheit range. Trade winds bring a lovely breeze to the beach from November to May each year, another hallmark of the Caribbean islands that visitors both appreciate and love. What could be better than swaying palm trees, warm sand and beautiful views?

With many small towns dotting the coastline, finding accommodation is an easy exercise, whether you choose a hotel, villa, hostel or a cosy bed and breakfast. Camping on the beach itself if also allowed for those who truly want to be one with the surroundings.

Like a lot of Venezuela, this area is virtually untouched and not very commercial, which allows visitors the chance to see everything as nature intended, and with so many different things all within the same park visitors are never at a loss for something new and interesting to see. When it’s time to hit the beach on your Venezuelan vacation, make sure the one you hit is Colorada, you’ll be glad you did!