Poconos Skiing Packages – 5 Reasons Why Tourists Love Them!

Poconos Skiing PackagesPoconos Mountains offer a colorful array of all four seasons. Winter seems to be one of the most popular times to visit the area and it is no wonder why this place is famous for its winter activities. Poconos resorts fill to the brim throughout the winter season and the beauty of the area keeps visitors returning year after year.

Below are five reasons why tourists love Poconos skiing packages:

1. The natural scenic beauty – The beautiful scenery and majestic landscape is a drawing card for tourists from all over the country. Visitors are drawn to the beauty of the mountains, fresh outdoor air, and plenty of snow. It is no wonder why tourists love Poconos weekend getaways and staying at the ski resorts.

2. So many to choose from – Poconos skiing packages offer a large number of ski resorts scattered throughout the area. With so many Pocono Mountain ski resorts to choose from, overcrowding is a rarity. Lines are always within reason and there is hardly a wait.

3. Speedy lifts – Most of the lifts at many of the Pocono Mountain ski resorts are four- and six-seaters. The lifts are speedy and keep the lines moving. Some of the resorts have speed lifts that work overtime to get skiers where they want to go at a much quicker rate of time.

4. The lodges – Many skiers love Poconos skiing packages simply because of the well equipped and comfortable accommodations. Skiers love to snuggle up to a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate or hot toddy and enjoy the evening after an exciting day out on the slopes.

5. A wide range of slopes – With over 165 slopes and trails there is the perfect fit for every level of skier. Adventurists may choose from expert ski slopes to beginner hills.