Prague Apartments Rental Guide: 10 Mistakes to Avoid!

Prague Apartments1. Research is essential with Prague apartments. Spend some time before your trip examining maps of Prague, as well as the possible apartments for rent. This will help you understand the geography of the area.

2. Arrange rentals as far in advance as possible. Whether you are interested in Prague tours or plan on a stay for business, make sure to arrange your rental well ahead of time. This will prevent any problems and ensure that you have a wide variety of choices available.

3. A central location is usually the best choice. Prague apartments with a central location may cost a little more, but you can save time and money with this step. An apartment which is out of the way may include longer travel times and higher transportation expenses.

4. Price is not always the most important factor. Price is always a relevant factor, but there are a number of cheap hotels in Prague that may be unsuitable for your stay even though they cost less. Try to balance the price factor with other important aspects.

5. Look at the crime rates around any prospective Prague apartments. Some areas have higher rates of theft and other crimes, and these may not be a good choice for most visitors.

6. Avoid the Perlovka area for any Prague travel packages or apartment rentals. This is especially true if you are traveling with family or small children. This area is the red light district, and there are some aspects which are not suitable for younger individuals and children.

7. Avoid Prague apartments without certain security features. Make sure that the apartment you choose offers modern security features to prevent any problems. Although Prague is not a high crime city you should ensure that you are protected while staying at the chosen apartment.

8. Insist that all contracts are in your native language. Whether you want to visit the Charles Bridge Prague and other attractions or are staying in the city on business make sure that all of the rental contracts you review are in your native language to prevent any problems later on.

9. Know the real estate laws and ordinances before you rent. Prague apartments can vary widely, and there are certain regulations that may be helpful to know. You need to be aware of the documentation and other requirements before you arrive in Prague so that you are prepared.

10. Consider what you will be doing in Prague before deciding on an ideal location. If you want to visit the Prague Castle or other attractions plan ahead, so that you are situated close to fast and low cost transportation options during your stay.