Quebec City Attractions For Kids

Quebec City Attractions For KidsIf you have always thought that there are no things to do in Quebec City with small children, you might change your mind after you read our article listing some of the best kid-friendly Quebec City attractions.

The best family vacation should start with careful selection of family friendly Old Quebec City hotels either in the Upper or Lower Town areas. Courtyard Quebec City conveniently located in the Upper Town is boasting large room selections for big families and even babysitting services on site and is considered one of the best places to stay with children.

All roads in Quebec lead to the Old Town and its craziest Upper Town boardwalk where kids can enjoy all sorts of street performers with their unique set of acts like dancing, playing odd musical instruments and juggling.

If you have a few animal lovers in your brood, by all means Aquarium du Quebec is a fine entertainment venue for kids with an educational twist. All kinds of marine creatures are there to amuse kids from seals and walruses, to polar bears and exotic fish. Once kids get weary of enjoying the animals, they can always run off some steam at the Adventure Circuit for children ages 6-10 equipped with ropes, suspended walkways and all sorts of climbing contraptions.

For kids engrossed in the pirate culture, you simply can not find better Quebec City attractions than heading to the Battlefields National Park in the spring and summer time. Board a pirate ship during this special event and learn a thing or two about hardships pirates had to endure during everyday life. Kids have a chance to hold a “pirate gun” and read secret pirate codes.

For nature loving kids, you can not find anything among Quebec City attractions better than taking a trip to Canyon Sainte-Anne and taking a trip across a waterfall via a series of suspension bridges. If you have younger children, Stone Stories area is simply perfect for little feet to explore while still enjoying the woodland surroundings.

In the evening there’s nothing better that Cirque du Soleil for the little ones especially when it does not cost you a dime. Specifically created to mark city’s 400th anniversary, the free show keeps on giving during their summer daily performances in the open air.

The Civilization Museum is one of the many Quebec City attractions that will appeal to children. This museum features hands on areas where kids can be themselves, as well as exciting exhibits. Another of the top things to do for families and kids in the warmer months is a visit to Valcartier Village Vacances, a large water park with many rides and attractions.

To satisfy even the sweetest tooth in the family, try the local food specialties made of maple syrup, taffy, cookies and ice-cream. Aux Anciens Canadiens restaurant on rue San Louis serves up even more delicious maple pies and caribou dishes in blueberry sauce.

In addition to kid-oriented Quebec City attractions, families can choose from a myriad of Quebec City tours virtually by all means of transportation whether by bus, train and even ferries. No matter what the ages of your kids are, you will find plenty for them to see and do in Quebec City.