Rio De Janeiro Tours For Cruise Tourists – Top 5 Picks!

Rio De Janeiro ToursWhat a remarkable expedition you are embarking upon when you decide to book a South American cruise. Many ships leave from Brazil ports and if you’ll be flying into Rio de Janeiro, you might as well book a few pre-cruise tours to start your vacation off right. Here is a list of the five best Rio de Janeiro tours.

1. Christ The Redeemer – If it’s not on your bucket list, stop reading this article right now and go put it on your list. It is one of the popular places to visit in Rio de Janeiro. Listed as one of the 7 Wonders of the World, this statue has graced Rio at the top of the Corcovado Mountains for over 75 years. A scheduled tour includes hotel pickup, a ride on the cog train and a stop in the Tijuca National Park.

2. Jeep Tour –Rio de Janeiro tours carry passengers into the Tijuca rainforest on 4×4 jeep tours for splendid views of Rio, not to mention small wildlife spotting such as monkeys and birds. There is a huge contrast in the lush tropical rainforest compared to the city landscape of Rio. An additionally treat comes after an easy hour long hike, when you arrive at the cascading Monkey Waterfall.

3. Soccer – Schedule Rio de Janeiro day trips to watch two local teams battle it out in Brazil’s national sport and favorite pastime, soccer. Your Rio de Janeiro tours organizer will also make arrangements for your group to have a guided tour around the Maracana Stadium.

4. Carnival – Well if you are not in town in early February, chances are you’re going to miss out on seeing the world’s greatest show, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking the Plataforma Samba Show. It is full of glamour, pageantry and rhythm, similar to the Samba parades of Carnival Rio de Janeiro. If you miss the big event, you will be happy you booked this one.

5. City Walking Tour – If you are short on time during your Rio de Janeiro vacation, but want to get a taste of the city before your cruise sets sails down the Amazon River, then a quick walking tour of Carioca is made for you. Learn about the cultural history of the city and about how the music has kept the city’s heart beating and pulsating for centuries. On the tour, a brief stop at Arpoador Rock will put you face to face with one of Rio’s most beautiful beaches, Ipanema.

These Rio de Janeiro tours can be booked on the front end or tail end of your South American cruise and can enhance your vacation and experience ten times over.