Roswell UFO Museum Review – Worth The Visit or Not?

Roswell UFO MuseumSomething happened that dark and stormy night in July of 1947 but all this time later we are still left wondering what that something was. The Roswell UFO Museum has gathered information, archives and has the complete story of what some believe happened that night: a UFO crashed into United States soil. Possibly one of the most interesting places to visit in New Mexico, the museum sheds light on that night and the subsequent weeks where an alleged government cover-up took place.

The Roswell UFO Museum is full of displays, articles and news reports, photographs and sculptures of the events, and they bill themselves as a serious place to learn about all UFO phenomena. There are also compelling displays about what causes crop circles, other unidentified flying object sightings from around the world, the infamous Area 51 and alien abductions. If that isn’t enough, they also have an extensive research library where visitors from all over the world pour over the ‘evidence’ and try to come up with their own conclusions about the famous Roswell incident.

Roswell itself is a small town, and the Roswell UFO Museum is its main draw, consistently showing up in New Mexico travel guides and bringing thousands to the region each year. So is it worth the trip? Many say a resounding yes.

It seems that everything in Roswell is centered on the incident; there are aliens at every turn, making some want to see it for themselves because of the kitschy value, and others to seek answers or more information about what they believe happened back in 1947. Whatever your reason for visiting, the Roswell UFO Museum is an interesting stop. The friendly staff doesn’t try to convince anyone to change their minds or preconceived notions about the possibility of other life, but instead strive to educate the public on phenomena that they believe is real.

Among the other things to do in Roswell NM is a UFO tour that would fit nicely in with a visit to the museum. On this tour, visitors are taken on a scenic drive to see 20 sites associated with the incident, the recovery, the cover-up and the other places of interest dealing with those weeks of uncertainty that have gone down in history.

Close to hotels in Roswell NM, the Roswell UFO Museum just keeps growing; it is already in its third space and there has even been work done recently to transform the adjoining space into a parking lot to be more convenient for all of the visitors.

Whatever you believe, if you are looking for further information, want to ask questions of the staff or are just visiting out of curiosity, the museum and indeed Roswell as a whole make for an interesting trip. Something happened out there on that ranch back in July of 1947. We just have to figure out whom to believe in this great American mystery.