Royal Chitwan National Park – Tours and Things To Do!

Chitwan National ParkRoyal Chitwan National Park is an ecological wonder, filled with unbelievable sites and attractions. Your visit there should be well thought out so you can make the most of your time in Nepal.

Tours within Chitwan National Park are best when you visit during certain times of the year, which is March to May and September to December. This is when the weather is nicest for all types of outdoor activities, including elephant rides and water rafting.

The 4-day Jungle Safari tour in Chitwan National Park is always a treat and since it is actually a wildlife preserve you are going to see extraordinary creatures. Your first day begins with a formal welcome to the park and a quick brief from the manager of the lodge.

They prepare lunch for you and take you on an elephant ride through a part Chitwan National Park to spot rhinos and crocodiles. After the elephant ride, you can enjoy a nature walk to the observation tower where you overlook the land.

The second day involves bird watching and a canoe ride, which is always one of the fun things to do in Nepal because of the number of rivers. You also get to go swimming in a secluded part of the park and end the day learning the art of Tharu Stick Dance.

Day 3 entails a jungle drive through Chitwan National Park and a stop at the elephant washing area along the Rapti River, where you participate in cleaning these enormous animals. From there, hop into a canoe and take another ride. This time, the canoe ride follows a different path down river.

The final day, your guide wakes you early for breakfast and provides you with transportation from the lodge. Most of Nepal tours to this park include pre and post-transportation options to and from any destination you choose, including hotels or the airport.

If you prefer a day tour, you can schedule a Jeep tour through the jungle. This is the best way to spot wildlife, quickly, but safely. Most of these tours last between 2 and 4 hours and lunch is included.

Another day tour is the River Boating day tour where you spend about an hour or two in a canoe sailing along the Rapti River, which is one of the best places to visit in Nepal because of the abundant number of crocodiles living there. If you are lucky, you might even spot a river dolphin or two.

Finally, if you prefer to go out on foot, there are Jungle walks or treks for half or full days. Full days are better for those who really want to see animals up close, because it takes a while to get into the heart of the jungle. You will definitely see birds, Rhesus monkeys and hopefully, a few Rhinos. Be sure to bring bottled water, binoculars and your camera.

Many locals compare this park with Bardia National Park, which often has similar tours and wildlife. The biggest difference between the two is Bardia features day tours, while Chitwan has longer tours. Plus, Bardia has more tiger sightings than Chitwan.