Russian River Cruises Review

Russian River CruisesRussian River cruises are a perfect opportunity to get familiar with Russian culture, cuisine and folk music, all in the comfort of modern river cruise ships. Taking in gorgeous sunrises and sunsets surrounded by incredible Russian nature will help you understand what the country is really all about.

When considering which Russian River cruises to choose, do not think twice and pick Volga River Cruises. Volga River is not only the longest River in Europe, it’s one of the most beautiful Rivers in the world. Connecting almost twenty cities and towns across the central part of Russia, cruisers will have a chance to see several beautiful fairytale like places studded with orthodox churches and monasteries situated alongside the shores of Volga River. Besides churches, guests will be able to learn more about the history of Russia through a series of cultural museums, folk villages and craft shops.

Russian River cruises are perhaps some of the best among all European River cruises because throughout the Soviet times a lot of efforts were made to connect Volga River with various parts of gigantic former USSR. Today Volga River is connected to the Black Sea and Don River, lakes in the northern part of Russia in Saint Petersburg vicinity, namely, Lakes Ladoga and Onega and the Baltic Sea. And finally, Moscow Canal ties Volga River with the Moskva River that flows through the Moscow and Smolensk Regions of Russia.

During your Volga Russian River Cruises you will be able to see various towns located alongside the banks of majestic Volga River from Tver in the north all the way down south to Astrakhan. But the highlight of any Volga River cruise is definitely visiting the epic Golden Ring of Russia, the oldest and most prominent trade routes connecting main historical cities like Yaroslavl, Uglich and Kostroma. Historical museums, ancient architecture and monasteries are awaiting to be discovered during the best European River cruises on Volga River.

The average length of Volga River cruises in Europe is around 10-14 days; however you can also opt for a much longer or shorter cruise to fit into your travel itinerary. In addition to a cruising option, Moscow or Saint Petersburg city tours could be added to perfectly enrich just about any vacation to Russia.