Salzburg Sightseeing Tours – Follow Mozart Footsteps!

Salzburg Sightseeing ToursSalzburg sightseeing tours can allow you to follow in Mozart’s footsteps, visiting many of the sights and even Vienna attractions that were popular during the time of this famous composer. Many tours are even labeled as Mozart related, because this city was home to the famous musician. Finding a Salzburg accommodation that is clean, comfortable, and inviting is not a problem, because the city offers many places to lodge which are excellent. These tours will allow you to see Salzburg just as Mozart did, and many include a stop at the residence of the musician. Architectural influences in the city include Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance, and this was true during the time of Mozart as well.

Mozart was the most famous and gifted musician ever produced by Austria, and one of the best in the world even today. Many Salzburg sightseeing tours include a visit to the world renowned Mozarteum, which is a music university dedicated to Mozart. Mozart Square is another very popular attraction, and includes a huge statue of the favored son of the country. The most visited attraction is the Mozart residence though, and some Salzburg sightseeing tours center on this structure. This home was where Mozart lived for many years, and the public was allowed back in after the reconstruction and renovations were complete in the year 1996. Many Salzburg hotels also offer vacation packages which feature the Mozart Residence.

Salzburg sightseeing tours can be a great way to see parts of the city that were present when Mozart was alive and lived here. Many of the historic structures and buildings were already in place when Mozart was born, and are included in his life stories. A quick Internet search will reveal many cheap flights to Vienna, and a vacation here can be done on almost any budget amount. Following in the footsteps of Mozart can be a very thrilling experience, and you can customize Salzburg sightseeing tours to include any of the historical sites and locations relevant to Mozart that you want. Any classical music lover or history fan will enjoy these tours immensely.