San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido: Facts, Hours and Tickets

San Diego Zoo Safari ParkSan Diego Zoo Safari Park is conveniently located some 30 miles north from downtown San Diego and is one of few San Diego tourist attractions open 365 days per year. Originally opened as breeding grounds for San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park today is proud to showcase almost 400 species of animals that inhabit several ecosystem and habitats. The uniqueness of the San Diego Zoo Safari park is showcased in its innovative approach to housing animals that freely roam the vast grounds of the park. This allows animals to naturally interact with one another as this happens in their natural habitat. Due to this fact, San Diego Zoo Safari Park is referred to as “Zoo of the future”. For all the tourists looking for unique things to do in San Diego with kids, San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the ultimate attraction to visit.

Regular adult admission price is $34 and kids ages from 3-11 will pay only $27 for admission tickets. Active military personnel can enjoy a free admission all year round. Safari Park is open for visitors everyday including all holidays from 9am-5pm, however, there are extended hours during spring and summer and certain winter days. Please check Safari Park’s website for exact hours depending on the time of your travel. In addition to general admission prices, be advised that the Safari Park offers a number of unique means of exploring the grounds of the park depending on your physical abilities and budget preferences that range in cost from $40 to $200.

For your convenience and enjoyment you can choose from several transportation options when exploring the Safari Park. African Tram Safari is the most relaxing and cost effective way to see African majestic animals up-close, these encounters start at around $40 per person. Marvel at Africa’s big five animals including rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards and buffalos. If you prefer smaller and more intimate group tours, choose Car Safari guided excursions that take you much closer to see amazing African creatures. Caravan Safaris are the best way of experiencing the Safari Park if you are willing to pay more and would like to interact with giraffes and see other animals much closer than during any other excursion. Prices for Caravan Safaris start around $95.

However, if you are looking for more exciting ways of viewing the famous Safari park and the most fun things to do in San Diego, consider going on a Safari Flightline adventure. The flightline experience suspends you 160 feet above the ground allowing you to view rhinos and deer in the Nairobi village grounds. The ticket prices for this adventure start at around $70 with repeat runs costing you only $29.

For those visitors with the fear of heights but who are also looking for exciting but less extreme adventures, Rolling Safari is the way to go. Roll along the Safari park on a two wheeled personal transporter to get up-close and personal with several African animals. The ticket prices for Rolling Safari start at around $80.