Scandinavian Cruises – Norwegian Fjords vs Baltic Sea and Russia!

Scandinavian CruisesIf you are wondering how Scandinavian cruises to Norwegian Fjords or Russia and the Baltic Sea differ, you are in luck. There are several differences between each and now you can have this helpful information to give you a bit of insight so you can book your next cruise with peace of mind.

Scandinavian cruises are filled with breathtaking sights that many outside of Northern Europe rarely see, let alone comprehend. The combination of natural wonders and plentiful wildlife make this area the perfect getaway.

If you have the time, it is highly recommended that you begin your research on Scandinavian cruises, get yourself a passport and hop a plane to the nearest destination port. You do not want to miss this!

So, now that you have been inspired, you need to know the difference between these cruises, right? Well, here’s the real deal. When it comes to Baltic cruises you should understand that they are best paired with stops in Russia.

This is because of the number of historical sites and major attractions, especially the St. Petersburg Russia attractions. St. Petersburg is home to more museums and religious sites than any other area in the world. The best part is they are either free or dirt cheap.

You can literally spend your entire vacation going from one museum to another and never see the same work of art twice. Plus, since you will be sailing on the Baltic Sea, you may get the opportunity to see giant jellyfish, seals and if you are really, really lucky a porpoise or two. This is another reason why people love Scandinavian cruises so much. There are few places where you can see such diverse wildlife in one place. Sure, you can see dolphins and whales in lots of places, but seals? Not so much.

Norwegian Fjords cruises are a bit more limited when it comes to wildlife, but not grandeur. The Fjords themselves are a long and narrow body of pristine water that hold lots of reefs and coral and if you can find a weatherproof wetsuit, you might be able to talk the locals into letting you venture below and go exploring. This is highly unlikely, but it is worth a try.

One of the best things about a cruise along the Norwegian Fjords is you will be very close to Stockholm and most cruise lines include a stop in this wonderful city. There are a number of things to do in Stockholm, including visiting the parks and different gardens, the Royal Cabinet and nightlife in Sodermalm.