Sequoia National Park Camping Review – Best Sites!

Sequoia National Park CampingSequoia National Park camping is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have. Spending your nights among these age-old trees surrounded by the sounds of the wildlife is something that most will cherish their whole lives.

During your Sequoia National Park camping trip, if you want to have the most fun, it’s a good idea to find out where the best campgrounds are that have the most exceptional sites. This will only add to your adventure and ensure you have the most fun.

Here is a review of the Sequoia National Park camping sites – the best they offer.

• Lodgepole Campgrounds – They have 214 of the best sites of the choices for Sequoia National Park camping because of the proximity to Giant Forest. This preferred location offers an elevation of 6700 feet and has views of the Kaweah River. If you are looking for activities such as fishing, you will only have a few steps to go. They have sections for all kinds of tents, trailers, RVs and fifth wheels. Fresh water and showers are also onsite. Advanced reservations recommended.

• Dorst Campgrounds – Another great selection for the Sequoia National Park camping options because the 204 sites here are at an even higher elevation of 6800 feet. This provides exceptional views of Dorst Creek and although it is about 10 miles in distance from Giant Forest, it is still a great section of the park for camping. Dorst accommodates trailers, tents and RVs. They also have an area for fresh water retrieval and rest rooms with showers. It is recommended that you book these sites in advanced.

• Potwisha – Nestled in the foothills, this 42 site campgrounds within Sequoia National Park is much smaller, but also has a great location by the Kaweah River. It’s the best spot for anglers. It is only about 4 miles in distance from the entrance, so many people like this added convenience. You do not need reservations on this first-come first-served campsite. Potable water is available and tents, backpackers and RVs are welcome.

• Buckeye Flat – Even less sites are here, only 28 and reservations are not required. Many Sequoia National Park tours can be scheduled from this location as it is very close to the entrance of the park. They allow tents only. Trailers and RVs are too wide and long to maneuver. Showers, access to fire pits, and picnic tables allow you to feel comfortable without running into too many people.

• South Fork – This is the most intimate campsite. There are only 10 available and none need reservations. This site is very close to a number of the Sequoia National Park hotels lined up along Highway 198. However, there is no potable water located here. You must bring your own for the duration of your stay. There are also no showers or restrooms nearby. But, this only provides campers with a more authentic experience.

• Cold Springs – Campers here will get a taste of the changing Sequoia National Park weather as it is 7500 feet in elevation and only tents are allowed. There are 40 sites in total. It is 23 miles inside the park which gives even more privacy. But, this is Black Bear country so you will need to heed all of the warnings and be sure to have plenty of bear-proof storage containers.