South of The Border North Carolina Review

South of The Border, North CarolinaSouth of the Border is one of kind landmark in North Carolina. Virtually anyone who’s been there can tell you it’s worth stopping in and taking a look around. It’s a combination of a number of things, including interesting attractions.

Before you even reach South of the Border in North Carolina, you start seeing huge signs on the highway, no matter which direction you are coming from. They line the roads beckoning all to come and spend a few hours of well-deserved frivolity.

Even if you miss this information in your North Carolina travel guide, as soon as you hit Interstate 95, you can’t help but miss all of the elaborate signs and displays that practically lead you directly to this fun destination.

South of the boarder attractions include Reptile Lagoon, Pedroland and Sombrero Tower. Each offer something special and unique to all visitors, which is why this place is still drawing in crowds year after year.

Reptile Lagoon is one of the fun places to visit in North Carolina because it is as fun as it is educational. You and your family will learn more about reptiles like alligators, crocodiles, snakes and turtles in just a few moments than hours of watching the Discovery Channel.

South of the Border also features an amusement park, Pedroland and an enormous observation tower, called Sombrero Tower. It reaches 200 feet into the air and provides you with a view of the entire area as you ride up to the top in a glass elevator. If you take the ride at night, it’s extra special because you get to see all of the twinkling lights Carolina offers along its countryside.

Pedroland has a great variety of rides, like a Ferris wheel, carousel, Red Baron Airplanes, Mini-Himalaya and Bumper Cars. For the adults, you can enjoy your choice of 2 places to play 18 holes of miniature golf.

South of the Border also has wonderful restaurants on the grounds. You can choose from a full dining experience at the Sombrero Restaurant or the Peddler Steak House or something quick while walking around at the Hot Dog Stand/Pizza and Sub Shop or Pedro’s Tamales. There is also a diner and an ice cream parlor for those warm days.

Shopping is also a treat because of the variety of stores, including Fireworks Rocket City where you can see the East Coast’s largest display of fireworks. They also have boutiques for unique gifts and a place to purchase antiques. If you want fine leather goods, they also have a leather shop and even a store called Hats Around the World where you can find tons of memorabilia.

South of the border hotels are easy to find and even easier to secure for the night. However, if you want to stay on the premises, you will have no problem booking a room at the Motor Inn, as they have 300 suites and rooms to choose from. You can relax in the swimming pool or sauna after your long adventurous day.