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Glacier National Park History – How Has It All Started?

Glacier National Park history is really quite fascinating. This area in Montana dates back 170 million years. It was formed as a result of the continental pleats pushing a huge boulder over

7 Best Glacier National Park Camping Locations

Glacier National Park camping can be a magnificent experience. You will definitely see more stars at night than you ever imagined. You may also hear the wonderful sounds of grey wolves and

Top 10 Interesting Glacier National Park Facts

Glacier National Park facts are very diverse because this area in Montana is so unique. However, there are a few that stand out above the rest. The majority include information about the

What is Interesting in Glacier National Park Backpacking?

Glacier National Park backpacking trails offer backpackers some of the best scenery and rugged wilderness in the country. The country is located in Montana and borders Alberta and British Columbia. The park

Top 10 Places to Visit While Backpacking Across America

The United States is a country rich in history with diverse landscapes and culture. Much of the country varies from state to state, which makes for an interesting trip for people who