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Kokoda Trail: 10 Things to Take on This Challenging Hike

1. Comfortable Hiking Boots – The Kokoda Trail is a rough trek, so you will need to make sure that the hiking boots you have are comfortable. Do not buy a pair

5 Best Papua New Guinea Scuba Diving Places

1. Milne Bay – This location for Papua New Guinea scuba diving offers steep depth drops very close to the shore in some places, while offering areas which are sheltered at the

7 Reasons Why Lae Papua New Guinea Is a New Tourist Mecca

1. The Rainforest Habitat – Lae Papua New Guinea is a common starting point for rainforest tours, and there is also a Papua New Guinea rainforest habitat exhibit which includes numerous native

5 Best Papua New Guinea Rainforest Tours

1. iExplore Papua New Guinea Experience – The iExplore Papua New Guinea Experience is one of the best tours you will find of the area. You will explore many areas of the