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Top 10 Things To Do in Tenerife

Going on Canary Islands vacation is the perfect way to escape cold and uninviting European or North American winters and dive into the tropical paradise of Tenerife. With so many things to

Callao Garden Tenerife Review

If you are looking for comfort, peace, and relaxation while traveling through the Canary Isle of Tenerife, the Callao Garden Tenerife is your choice. This luxurious hotel and resort provides outdoor gardens,

Yacht Charter Tenerife Vacations Review

A yacht charter Tenerife vacations is a one of a kind experience aboard a luxury boat touring the Canary Islands. The area is one of the most beautiful places in the world

7 Things to Know About Yacht Charter Tenerife

Chartering a yacht anywhere in the world can be an experience of a lifetime but a yacht charter Tenerife experience will leave visitors amazed and coming back for more vacations year after

Oasis Golf Resort Tenerife Review

The Oasis Golf Resort Tenerife is a full service luxury hotel and resort located in Tenerife on Canary Islands.