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Top 10 Places To Visit in Washington State

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State is a destination of diverse landscapes, ecosystems and sights. Spectacular Cascade Range slices Washington State’s territory in two clearly different halves creating very distinct places

Olympic National Park Hot Springs Trail – A Very Fun Hike!

The Olympic National Park hot springs are very easy to reach. It is only approximately 2 ½ miles long. The path is very well maintained and paved for access for just about

Hiking Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park Trail

Hiking the Enchanted Valley Olympic National Park trail takes endurance. It is 19 miles long. However, if you can tough it out, you will see the best views possible.

Olympic National Forest Backpacking – Which Route To Choose?

If you plan to spend more than a few hours or overnight in the Olympic National Forest, you are considered a backpacker. Nevertheless, how do you decide on the right route?

Best Olympic National Park Hotels Where Luxury Meets Wilderness

Olympic National Park hotels with luxury within the wilderness are not too challenging to locate. In fact, there are a few that stand out above the rest. The impeccable service, modern amenities

Olympic National Park Camping Sites – Which One To Consider?

Many people who want to experience Olympic National Park camping are looking for the chance to sleep outdoors and under the stars. Although all camping sites are not just for tents only,

Top 10 Interesting Olympic National Park Facts

Olympic National Park facts are all so fun and intriguing. The most interesting discuss the wildlife, size of the park and the unique weather patterns.