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Cheap Holidays in Thailand Review

Cheap holidays in Thailand do not have to be just a dream, you can make them a reality if you know where to find reasonably priced Phuket vacation rentals and how to

5 Interesting Facts about Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket

1. Sunset Spa Suite Offers Unparalleled Luxury The Patong Beach Hotel in Phuket offers 3 levels of lodging, superior, deluxe, and suites.

7 Reasons To Choose Karon Beach Resort in Phuket

1. The Surrounding Tropical Beauty – The Karon Beach Resort in Phuket offers some of the most beautiful scenery that you can imagine. The grounds of this resort are like a tropical

Top 10 Phuket Vacation Rentals and Resorts

1. Laguna Beach Resort – With more than two hundred and fifty rooms, and a location right on Bang Tao Beach, the Laguna Beach resort is one of the most popular of

Top 10 Things To Do on Phuket Holidays in Thailand

1. Explore Phang Nga Bay – One of the most popular activities for Phuket holidays is to explore Phang Nga Bay. You can do this by boat, or you can enjoy a