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5 Best Hotels in Yuma AZ

Locating hotels in Yuma, AZ that will fulfill your expectations could take some time to review the pros and cons of what they offer. That’s because Yuma actually has a large number

Top 5 Tombstone AZ Attractions For History Lovers!

The Tombstone AZ attractions are numerous and very exciting, but those who really want to look into the history of this area will be in for a special treat.

Top 10 Interesting Petrified Forest National Park Facts

Petrified Forest National Park Monument, located in the beautiful state of Arizona was created by one of America’s most loved presidents, Theodore Roosevelt.

Top 10 Things To Do in Scottsdale You Should Not Miss!

The centerpiece of the southwest is Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a luxurious town known for its opulence, shopping, dining, museums and carefree nightlife.

Top 10 Free Things To Do in Phoenix That Save Your Wallet!

It can be a liberating experience to visit a city and know that you can have a great time without spending a bundle. If you are looking for a place like that,

Top 10 Places To Visit In Arizona

There are a variety of places to visit in Arizona, it’s not just a place to watch cactus grow. In fact, the entire state is filled with picturesque landscapes and breathtaking views