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Top 10 Most Famous Czech Republic Landmarks Travelers Talk About

The Czech Republic is rapidly becoming one of the most popular of all European tourist destinations, with capital Prague being the city that tourists can’t seem to get enough of. Comprised of

15 Things To Do in Prague – A Must See and Do List!

Prague is a magical city with century’s old architecture, pompous cathedrals and one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. If you are like many tourists who have a week or less

7 Interesting Facts About Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov Castle is located in the Czech Republic in Central Europe and has a wonderful history filled with interesting facts. Although it is centuries old, and remains the top attraction in

Visit Prague Castle: Hours, Tours and History

A visit to Prague Castle will be one you will never forget. It has such a rich history and visual artistic elements that you might feel like you’re going into sensory overload.

Top 10 Facts in St Vitus Cathedral History

St. Vitus Cathedral is a major work of art and explosive to see in person, it has hundreds of interesting facts. It is a notable part of history, which began during the

Top 10 Interesting Charles Bridge Prague Facts

Since Charles Bridge Prague attraction is exceptionally beautiful as well as old, there are quite a few interesting facts to be considered. Not only is it a famous landmark, but it also

Top 10 Prague Tours Not to Be Missed

1. Prague Castle Tour – A tour of the Prague Castle can include the royal chambers at times, but the cost can be expensive unless it is the one day a year

Prague Apartments Rental Guide: 10 Mistakes to Avoid!

1. Research is essential with Prague apartments. Spend some time before your trip examining maps of Prague, as well as the possible apartments for rent. This will help you understand the geography

Hotel Yasmin – Why Tourists Choose It?

Why is the Hotel Yasmin such a popular place to stay with tourists? The city has a number of fine hotels, including the Diplomat Hotel Prague and the Andels Hotel Prague Which

Wenceslas Square Hotels Review

Wenceslas Square offers many different hotels, as well as a number of attractions for locals and visitors both. Although this square was built in the 1300s by King Charles IV of Czechoslovakia,